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    I got my first blackberry n I'm still exploring the devcie.
    I went through the 'lecture' on the crackberry site n successfully registered my e-mail on my blackberry.
    What I'm worried about is that although I'll be paying additional $30 per month for unlimited access to internet (or at least that's what I think it is...) I only have 500 limit txt message plab w other carrier. I do have unlimited txt message plan w same verizon carrier but I'm not afraid that the emails I get on my blackberry count as txt message from other carrier n that I'll be charged w some additional money..
    Thabk you very much for your help in advance.

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    07-24-10 01:42 PM
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    Emails and text messages are counted seperately. You have unlimited emails in the 29.99 plan your paying for along with unlimited internet use from the phone. Your text messages will only count if they are coming from a phone number, an instant message client (like AIM, or Yahoo Messanger)
    07-24-10 02:10 PM
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    thank you very much for your reply!
    now I am relieved!
    07-24-10 02:36 PM
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    A little hard to decipher what you're saying, but if I understand you correctly, your plan provides you with "500 text messages." If that's correct, then it does not matter WHAT carrier the incoming or outgoing text messages are to, they're all counted in the 500 text message plan (including texts to/from other VZW customers, unless your specific plan allows for unlimited texting between VZW customers). Emails are NOT counted in this and in fact, you already have "unlimited emails" with your data plan. All emails, regardless of carrier, are already factored into your plan. Whether you get 1 email per month or 1,000, there is no additional charges. To be certain, you can call VZW and verify your plan.

    What IS "free" is all Blackberry Messenger texts. Regardless of the carrier, all BBMs are free (they do not go through the VZW servers, they are processed by RIM's servers) so long as it's US to US based devices.
    07-24-10 02:58 PM
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    Ouch, terrible spelling and grammar give me headaches.
    07-24-10 03:31 PM
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    On verizon, the "500 txt" plan I believe the OPis refering to is in fact unlimited VZW to VZW texting and 500 txt in or out to/from lines on other carriers.

    To the OP, one way to "txt" and keep down costs using email thru the sms gateways.

    Let me give you an example. I have a bb without a txt plan and my daughter has an enV with a txt plan.

    If she wants to send me a message, she just sends a txt to my email. But if I want to "txt" back, I send an email to her phone number like this: 9781234567@vtext.com.

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    07-25-10 11:32 AM