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    I tired setting up my phone for DUN, and I get to the page where it asks you to subscribe for the service. The page says if you have any discounts on your account, you need to call to subscribe. I know the DUN subscription is based on what data plan you are currently on to make the total data charge $60. How would that work with a discount? I currently get 20% off data with my discount from my place of work, making my data plan $24. Would the DUN charge still be $30, $36 to make up the difference to get it to $60, or would I also get a discount on the DUN plan?

    Sorry if this has been answered before, I searched for DUN discount and came up with nothing.
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    10-31-08 10:05 AM
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    Not know what your acct says, if you get the discount on your data which is a feature you might have a feature discount as well. CS is the best to ask to find out the cost for enable DUN
    10-31-08 05:14 PM