1. nilesschreurs's Avatar
    just wondering what i can and cannot do with the phone that was given to me. its a 8330 and i have a storm now and a 8900. i got the storm with the "employee" line and i never had to pay for it and the contract that i had is long gone in my pile up of paperwork aka.....basement....the concession line works like this...

    1. 1500 minutes $10
    2. Full Data Plan $15
    3. Unlimited Nights and Weekends
    4. No contract
    5. No credit check

    and the phone is given to you. just wondering if i can sell the thing because i have another replacement if my storm needs to be sent in or whatever. i could use the cash for my wedding fund or get my windows tinted this summer like i always wanted.

    if anybody nkows for sure please PM me or post it up thank a ton in advance. the rep that i used to work with doesnt come in very much and customer service wasnt understanding my contract when they pulled it up either. employee call center wasnt with the program either i guess.
    04-13-09 10:58 PM
  2. Rev. Big Country's Avatar
    not to revive a dead thread, but you dont want to sell any equipment that verizon gave to you, untill they give you your next phone to replace the storm and tell you that you dont want the old one back i would hold onto it...

    i inquired the same thought process when i was looking at getting a curve with the concession program, now i am hoping that they will hand out some free droids
    11-07-09 11:30 PM