1. petefish's Avatar
    Question that is plaguing me. I have a Pearl 8130 looking to upgrade to a bold prefferably. However, does anyone have any idea as to when Verizon will be carrying the Bold? Then I'm not sure if I really want the Thunder. I want faster internet! Please help which one do I get Bold,Thunder or get the Curve now?
    09-17-08 06:51 PM
  2. cell_um1's Avatar
    The bold probably wont be out for awhile....and I would wait at least 3 to 4 months after the thunder is released because EVERY vzw blackberry that has been released has had issues like the memory leak with the pearl, the audio issues with the curve and the very low ringtones with the 8830...ive worked for them thru all the software issues
    09-17-08 07:17 PM
  3. John Yester's Avatar
    Get the curve. You will be happy

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    09-17-08 07:43 PM
  4. NoMoreWindows's Avatar
    I have the Bold and had the curve. Still love the curve, it fits nicely in your hand.
    09-17-08 07:58 PM
  5. mattburns9999's Avatar
    The curve is sold, the bold is nice, and the storm is lookin better everyday!

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    09-17-08 07:59 PM
  6. glamazon's Avatar
    Thanks for all the feedback. I still think I will want the Curve as it has a hard keyboard and I want to stay with Verizon. However I am going to wait until the Storm comes out so I can at least check it out. It looks really nice, however I'm just unsure about the touchscreen keyboard.
    09-18-08 10:24 AM
  7. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    My old contract was up in August, waited until September before deciding not to wait for the Bold.

    Part of the reason I wanted the Bold was for the wi-fi capability, but just like tge locked GPS, I assume that feature will probably be locked out too.

    I'n rather happy with my 8330, and glad I didn't waste a bunch of time waiting for something it appears still might not materialize for a while.

    As for the storm, personally, I don't think I'd ever be happy with a touchscreen instead of a real keyboard.

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    09-21-08 12:01 PM
  8. taiwaneezy's Avatar
    As nuch as I want the storm. RIM has never had a touch screen before. So I probably wouldn't get the storm right when comes out. Plus it will be at earliest 3-4 months after release date that vzw employees can get a hold of the Storm.

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    09-21-08 09:33 PM
  9. HeavyComponent's Avatar
    The BOLD should be the ultimate BB, but the Storm looks really good. I would wait!

    T-Mobile Curve 8320 - OS Beta!


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    09-21-08 09:47 PM
  10. Checkingout's Avatar
    What I did was get a Curve on a 1 year contract ($70 more than 2 year.) Basically in 10 months you can upgrade from a 1 year plan...if that is your desire. In that time Verizon may have the Bold/Niagra/ and or Storm. More options at that time to choose from. Myself, I am thinking of getting the Niagra.

    Also, this will allow bugs to be dealt with on the Storm, there will be more applications - and it will probably cost less!

    Good luck to ya!
    09-22-08 08:11 AM
  11. powernoodle's Avatar
    What bugs me just a little is that each flavor has some good features, but none of them has everything - smaller size of the Curve, 3G, etc.

    I have the Curve and am happy with it except for the lack of video recording and the truly crappy internet experience. So I'm wating for the new OS, and am in no hurry to jump to the Bold.

    09-22-08 08:37 AM
  12. Castor Troy's Avatar
    I'm getting the storm when It comes out. Bold looks too much like the Moto Q.

    Storm is gonna rock. Can't beat a touchscreen its just too damn cool.

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    09-22-08 10:31 AM
  13. Sneakerholic070121's Avatar
    I'm very happy with my Curve my first ever BB.. When the Bold rolls out I'm going to def. Get it but it won't roll out till next spring or so.... so no rush.

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    09-22-08 05:43 PM
  14. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    I'd wait for one of the next gen Blackberries. The few differences between the 8130 and 8330 do not make getting a Curve worth it if the Storm or Bold is one of your options.
    09-22-08 07:37 PM
  15. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Wait for the Bold or Jav.
    09-22-08 08:07 PM
  16. megnjk's Avatar
    I think that you should get the curve. I have it and I LOVE it! I think that when the Bold comes out that it's going to have a lot of kinks that need to be worked out...I also read a review that said that although it has great screen resolution and wifi, it is made of very cheap plastic and is easily damaged...
    Good luck
    09-24-08 12:27 PM
  17. maof2's Avatar
    I have the CURVE and love it ... I cant see myself dumping the curve for a new BB any time soon ... Plus like stated many times before new devices almost always have some things that need to be fixed so I rather wait until the kinks have been worked out then go get the new BB But thats just my opinion !!
    09-24-08 12:42 PM
  18. BBtoiPhone's Avatar
    I use both a curve for work and a bold for personel use. My bold is a rogers bold unlocked. I love the curve, and when the bold came out, I didn't think the bold was going to be as good.. But after using the bold for a couple weeks now, I love it. Its faster, clearer, and has better apps than the curve. If you can hold out and wait for the bold, you should.

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    09-26-08 11:06 AM
  19. dredayholiday's Avatar
    It really depends on what you plan on doing with your phone. All I do is play a few games, read emails, surf the web and message (aim/yahoo/txt). I have the curve and it does way more than I need it to. So for me I have no intentions of getting a new phone until my contract is up, regardless of what comes out. Now if you plan on doing a lot with your phone, or are at the end of your contract, you probably should just wait. Price might also be an issue.
    10-12-08 12:32 PM