09-08-11 02:49 PM
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    I was going to order a 9850 last night, but I didn't complete it because I was afraid of losing my unlimited data plan. My two year contract still has 5 months left, and I don't have a problem with paying full price for the phone. Does anyone know if I have to sign on to one of the new plans when upgrading to the 9850? We currently have a family plan with three phones (2 smartphones)...one is a Storm 2 and another is the HTC Droid.

    If anyone ordered online and knows what I'm talking about, please help me out. It just seemed like it was trying to make me change data plans.

    09-08-11 10:44 AM
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    If you already have Unlimited, it gives you the option to keep it when selecting your features. You'll be ok. Remember, nothing will be final until you click "submit".

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    09-08-11 12:15 PM
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    I think the rep was talking about if he were to switch to corporate e-mail from the grandfathered BIS plan.
    A month or two ago I changed my plan from BES to BIS (my hosted Exchange provider just started offering BESX). This apparently constituted a "plan change" as I was told I no longer would have unlimited data. When I balked, the CS Rep said she would "try" to have the unlimited restored to my account (it may help that I was just a few months from my 2-year commitment expiring and that I have two phones on the account). Sure enough, she did it.

    Now the OP asked about upgrading to one of the new phones, which question my experience doesn't address directly, but I just wanted to confirm that changing from BES to BIS can cause you to lose your unlimited data.
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