1. carguy37757's Avatar
    Hey all - My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

    It looks like I will be trading my Curve 8330 for a Storm. The trade is between me and another person who can't get used to the Storm.

    Does Verizon charge anything to go to the store to swap devices? She mentions that she's done it before without charge, but I've always done it online or over the phone and am curious of what to expect.

    Also, besides backing my curve before I trade it, is there anything you all would recommend that I do besides wipe the device after backing it up?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    01-19-10 12:25 PM
  2. Super_Mario's Avatar
    There is no charge to do it at a store, but if the devices are still active, both of you will need to be there. You can also switch with *228 option 3.
    01-19-10 12:27 PM
  3. carguy37757's Avatar
    Thanks! I wasn't for sure what to be prepared for in terms of how it all works. I'm guessing they'll take care of swapping my BIS service so that my emails don't continue to go to the old device, or will that be something I'll need to handle myself? I've used *228 to swap on normal phones, but this is my first time swapping on a BB.

    Thanks Again!
    01-19-10 12:31 PM