05-27-09 07:12 PM
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    I think wifi would be a nice addition to the Storm. BUT it would not be a deal breaker for me. I will buy the new Storm whenever it is released with or without wifi.

    I think all the crazy arguments over it being there or not there is silly. I think the more important argument should be, why the heck don't they have flash support. There are so many thing I would like to do on my Storm that I cant do because the sites requires flash.

    Finally why the H*LL would someone bring another's political or religious beliefs up while discussing anything in an internet forum such as Crackberry? Talk about disrespect!

    I don't think wi-fi is a deal breaker in itself.. but I would use it and love having it. Especially for traveling.

    I currently own a storm it doesn't have wi-fi. I wasn't locked into a contract with verizon at the time of purchase and I could have just kept the iPhone. (at the time I was running 2 phones) or grabbed a bold to stay with at&t if I wanted...

    I chose the storm because of the service I received with verizon not based on whether the device had wi-fi.

    There is a ton of people who want wi-fi a ton of people who don't care if its on there but may use it from time to time and even some people who would never touch it.

    But in all fareness I think someone shouldnt fight against having it at all as your limiting others uses based on the idea that "you don't neeed it"

    well guess what I don't ever touch gps on my berry hardly ever I have a gps head unit in my car for that so I should start fighting against gps in mobiles because I don't use it...

    see it sounds silly
    05-27-09 07:12 PM
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