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    So, my Q10 is set to be delivered from Amazon today ($69.99 upgrade!), but I wanted to go into a store last night and play with a functioning Q10 first (yes, I was antsy). I live not a mile from this store, which is located in a fairly upscale shopping center (Aspen Grove) south of Denver...been in this store several times, in the past, and never had a single issue/complaint...until yesterday.

    Upon entering the store, I immediately look for some sort of BB10 branding/signage somewhere - nowhere to be found. I start walking along one of the walls, Androids, Androids, iPhone - ok, other wall...more Androids, Windows Phone, and hey - there they are! I snap up the black Q10, and try to turn the screen on...red light, and a darkened screen with a battery icon clearly starving for juice. It's connected to a generic white cord (clearly not the OEM charger), and check to make sure it's connected properly. Unplug, and reconnect - the poor device has no idea it's actually connected to anything (couldn't tell if the other end was connected to anything b/c it was below/behind the display case). So, I check the Z10 next to it - same thing...completely dead. Plugged into a Motorola charger...sigh.

    I start to walk towards the back of the store, thinking there must be a 2nd display unit tucked away in the corner, right? Nope - I'm approached by a salesman who asks me if I need any help. Right away, I tell him I'm here to play with a Q10, but that one was dead. He acts surprised, and says he'll be right back after helping this other customer, and confirms that 'dead' unit is the only one on the floor. In shock, I go back to the dead Q10 and at least gather the look/feel 'notes' for myself, for about 5 more minutes. No sign of that salesman (kind of assumed he would bring out another unit for me to play with), so I herded the family up and we split - VERY disappointed!

    I know we've all seen/heard these stories of blatant disregard towards BB in stores, but I've never actually experienced it, firsthand...and I never would have thought one of the nicer stores in the VZW 'network' would succumb to such poor customer service/experience.

    Oh well - UPS confirms my Q10 will be delivered by the time I get home from work...I'm in for a fun night, regardless.
    08-16-13 09:15 AM
  2. westcoastjay's Avatar
    sounds like when I visited AT&T
    08-16-13 12:06 PM

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