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    I hope Twins weighs in on this, because I think he'd give the best explanation. And I'm sorry if this seems stupid, but I've always wanted to know the answer to this

    While using a Blackberry, I've noticed that you have 3 Data Indicator Icons, a small arrow pointing diagonally up, and then 2 large arrows pointing either diagonally up or down. I assume that the large arrow pointing up indicates data going from the phone to the network, and the large arrow pointing down indicates data going from the network to the phone.

    I have a few specific questions:
    - What does the small arrow indicate?
    - Why do I never see the small arrow while in 1XEV (except with text messages and phone calls)?
    - If I'm in 1X only, why does it only seem to appear once before the data starts working?
    - When I look at my Storm on VZW and compare it to my friend's Bold on AT&T, I notice that she constantly has that small arrow appearing, along with the larger ones, while using data. Does it indicate something different on CDMA vs UMTS?

    I did a site search to see if this was already answered, but the closest post I could find was http://forums.crackberry.com/f33/scr...meanings-1092/.

    10-30-09 12:03 PM