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    I just got my Verizon 8830 WE, and am in Israel. I was doing fine with my GlobalEmail plan, receiving my emails, using BB Messenger, and web browsing. Then suddenly today, the "1X" on my screen switched to a lowercase "1x" and since then I have been without any sort of data access (phone calls work fine, though I do not use this for voice while abroad due to the high rates). I called Verizon and they opened a trouble ticket, but I do not have the 24-48 hours to wait for this to be fixed. I rely on my Blackberry on a minute-to-minute basis (as I am sure most of you can understand), and I cannot bear even 10 minutes of an outage.

    I tried everything I could think of, including a battery pull, switching to GSM (but Verizon only has a CDMA roaming agreement in Israel). Nothing worked.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    12-03-08 12:39 PM
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    Go to the mobile network options and change data services to On.
    12-03-08 12:45 PM
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    Go to the mobile network options and change data services to On.
    It was never off.
    12-03-08 12:50 PM
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    Then I would guess that it is a provisioning issue with whomever's network you are roaming on.
    12-03-08 12:57 PM
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    That's what I'm starting to think too. Thanks to Google, I found the number for Pelephone (the provider whose network I'm roaming on) which is provided to Roaming partners for resolving issues between carriers (the guy on the phone asked me "how did you get this number?" I told him "Google"). They said it sounded like a provisioning issue, but that Verizon would have to contact them to correct it.

    As an afterthought, the rep said that since I am outside the "Green Line" (just barely - by several hundred meters), that those areas sometimes have issues. However, I think that my tower is actually within the green line, so I don't know if that's it.

    If anyone has any insights, please let me know!

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    I had a similar issue last week when I went on a trip to Iowa over Thanksgiving. There was one spot where I only had lowercase edge on a roaming network.
    12-03-08 01:25 PM
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    I was roaming out of the country ( not in Israel though ), and I wasn't able to use data services, nor make calls with my phone, even though I was in an area that is supposed to have coverage ( Aruba ) by Verizon Wireless. When I got back to the US to complain to Verizon about my network connectivity problems, they apologized and stated that when I am outside of their coverage area they cannot guarantee coverage provided by another network provider. So there was nothing they could do since it wasn't their cell network that I was on. I know this isn't helping you or your situation, but I thought I'd share my expierence with roaming.
    12-03-08 06:53 PM
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    I had a similar issue last week when I went on a trip to Iowa over Thanksgiving. There was one spot where I only had lowercase edge on a roaming network.
    I actually just switched from T-Mobile. I had the issue with them as well, periodically. But T-Mobile had roaming agreements with two GSM carriers here. So when Cellcom (who has EDGE) went lowercase, I just chose manual network selection and switched to Orange (GPRS only). On a couple rare occasions, though, both were down.

    This, however, is getting frustrating. I have been without data for almost 24 hours. The only thing I have to say is thank goodness I bought the phone on ebay and therefore have no contract with Verizon.
    12-04-08 02:32 AM
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    So I called Verizon again today. I am really impressed with the Global specialist team (908-559-4899). He told me that generally they tell people to wait up until 48 hours for a ticket response, but that several people had also called about problems in Israel. We were on the phone for over a half-hour, and he had three other technicians on the line. We tried some manual programming of the phone (dialing ##000000), but all of the settings were already correct. He has escalated the ticket and said that he will call me back today.
    12-04-08 08:12 AM
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    So I spoke to Verizon just now. And they tell me that my phone is not authenticating properly, certain keys need to be reset, and that it cannot be done until I return.

    Well, seeing that I am overseas for months at a time (and not scheduled to return to the US for at least two more months), I think that is the end of my account with Verizon (and I made this quite clear to them). I cannot take the risk of this happening again.
    12-06-08 01:51 PM
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    i am in israel and have been here for 3 months.i bought a blackberry to use data here in israel . my mom bought th phone in the US it was working and they sent it to me in israel. voice was working and the data wasnt. they told me it wasnt registered properly so i sent it back to the US for it to be registered. i had it sent back to me and it still didnt work. they said it was a techincal issue with the phone. they sent me another phone (which they told me was brand new, and i later found out after investigating that it was a used phone) and that one didnt work. not only did mine not work but my moms blackberry didnt work. all my friends have blackberrys in israel with verizon and all their phones work. its been 2 months and for the 4th time they are telling me AGAIN that the problem is that it wasnt registered in the US properly. verizon is so incompetent they either keep makingt he same mistake or dont care AT ALL and are giving me the run around. they want me to send the phone BACK AGAIN and send me another one (and they want to charge me for it). all you people can't go without your blackberrys for 24 hours. try 2 months and it STILL not being resolved. verizon is the worst. I bought the phone for my time abroad and my time abroad is over and it still is not working.
    05-19-09 07:58 AM
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    I maintain that it is not a good idea to use a CDMA plan overseas for this reason, specifically in Israel. I am now using AT&T in Israel, and have been extremely satisfied as I roam on both the Orange and Cellcom GSM networks (as opposed to Verizon phones which only roam on Pelephone's CDMA network). If you want more Israel-specific information, PM me.
    05-19-09 08:03 AM