1. 7scarabs's Avatar
    I noticed that VZW is again offering the Tour (9630) for sale on the website... $49.99, BOGO, usual 2-yr contract pricing. I still have my Tour for business use, have no problems with it, and so figure that $50 for a pair would be a good deal for any business users wanting to get sturdy, reliable phones for the team.

    BUT... the Bold (9650) is on the same site, priced at $29.99 each. No BOGO offer, but wondering why the Tour, which is an older model, doesn't have WiFi, and won't be able to accept the OS6 upgrade, is priced this way. Not sure if the Tours are refurbished or just some extra stock that was sitting around somewhere, but I'd think that VZW would price them considerably cheaper than a newer model.
    12-15-10 02:35 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    If the Tours were Refurbs, they'd have to be advertised as such. Odds are that there was leftover stock of the devices from retail outlets returned as they were EOL'ed and accumulated for a deal offer. Possibly even a business order that cancelled and was returned, perhaps from a company gone out of business and the stock was in receivership. On a BOGO, the price is reasonably attractive to those wanted a lesser-capable device. But Verizon does things for their reasons, and, an extra $10 for 2 Bolds is the better deal.

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    12-15-10 03:23 AM
  3. Engire's Avatar
    The Bold is the holiday deal of the day for 12/15/10 and the price will most likely be back up to $99.00 tomorrow.
    12-15-10 06:02 AM
  4. Joneser2006's Avatar
    What cracks me up is that the S2 is still 199.99. BOGO, but cmon.

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    12-20-10 11:30 PM