1. rjdangerous's Avatar
    I know I can't use my current backupassistant with my new BB, I do have them saved online in my backupassistant site. How to I get my contacts from that verizon site to google for a sync to new BB device.

    I have read a bunch online but am confused, also I don't have outlook. Read somewhere you can use google.

    If it's not possible guess I'll do it the old fashion way being my current phone is already gone.

    03-27-09 06:42 PM
  2. mrberger202's Avatar
    If you are able to get a copy of either Outlook, or another PIM application that will sync with Desktop Manager, this might help:

    HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Backup Assistant Exporter - Download your contacts into a vCard
    03-27-09 07:06 PM
  3. prowler9's Avatar
    Just have the vzw rep transfer them
    03-27-09 07:11 PM
  4. TheSultan's Avatar
    Just have the vzw rep transfer them
    They can do this, usually for $10 I think.
    03-27-09 07:16 PM
  5. davebelger's Avatar
    I thought I was really planning ahead. I have 4 users on my family plan. I ordered 2 Storms. The day before they arrived I used Backup Asst on all the phones to be ready. Storms arrived, I looked all over for the "Get it Now" or other area where Backup Asst might be. Called VZW and was told to install the VZAppZone. Did that, nothing there.
    Called VZW again, got help with a few other quirks and the tech seemed really on top of it, so I asked about backup asst. She had me look through all the places I had already looked. Also had me look in multimedia and a few other obscure places. She put me on hold a few times and said her neighbor was trying to help as he was more into BBs. After 45 min she admitted to being very red-faced and that the BB was too smart for Backup Asst. Said there was some way I could do it but that her neighbor didn't have time to stop and explain it. Finally she said the Rep at the VZW store could transfer them.
    I took all four phones to the store and got all the contact and photos transferred. Since two of the phones were going hand-me-down through our 2 daughters I went ahead and did as the rep said, removed Backup Asst from each and reinstalled on each phone. Ran the update on the phone my daughter got from my wife AFTER downloading and installing it again.....it updated the online with her 97 contacts AND updated her phone with the 94 contacts mom had!! Finally had to go online and delete all mom's contacts, run the update one more time and it deleted them from her phone. For younger daught I just went online, deleted the ones from older daughter and added the ones younger daughter wanted and updated.
    Wow!! And here I thought I was making it all easy!

    Lucky for me I have had Verizon forever and as a premium customer they transfer contacts for free.
    03-27-09 09:12 PM