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    There is so much hype and anticipation about a CDMA curve being released, escpecially one coming to Verizon. But I have a question for all of us Verizon lovers who are anxiously waiting for a curve. Has anyone tried contacting RIM headquarters and asking them directly, instead of asking Verizon reps. Because the way I see it, any rep at Verizon will tell you it's coming soon, in order to keep a customer waiting for months for it to come out. So, anyone out there tried contacting RIM, and if so, what have they actually said. Thanks!
    02-27-08 01:11 PM
  2. CrazyMan5150's Avatar
    last new phone that came out was the Pink Berry
    08-27-08 06:20 AM
  3. shylard's Avatar
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't vzw have a curve already?

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    08-27-08 06:42 AM
  4. Javaddict's Avatar
    Yes yes they do, that's what I'm posting from

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    08-27-08 10:18 AM
  5. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    It's funny cuz you guys resurrected a thread from back in Feb of 2008. lol
    08-27-08 10:27 AM
  6. Javaddict's Avatar
    *face Palm*
    08-27-08 11:02 AM