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    Consumer Reports: Verizon has highest satisfaction rate among major US carriers, AT&T is lowest
    By Brad Molen posted Dec 7th 2011 2:28AM

    It's annual satisfaction survey time for Consumer Reports, and the magazine has a few results to share in anticipation of next month's issue. It appears that regional provider Consumer Cellular topped the charts -- the survey rated scores from 66,000 online subscribers -- though Verizon was ranked the highest out of the four major players for the second year in a row, followed closely by Sprint and T-Mobile. According to the survey, the latter company was still "significantly better" than last-place AT&T. The full results will be published in the January 2012 issue. Your own personal experience with each provider may vary depending on your locale, of course, but 66,000 people have certainly made their voice heard.
    12-08-11 12:43 AM
  2. cbreze's Avatar
    Not surprising. It's funny tho if you read AT+T's stuff they put out they say they're the highest satisfaction rating.
    I had ATT for work and they drop way to many calls and also data signal. I'd never have them for personal use.
    12-08-11 01:47 PM
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    I used to carry 2 phones, one each on Verizon - AT&T. Verizon was better in most locations with a stronger signal and fewer "no signal" loctions.
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    12-09-11 08:43 PM
  4. Artemis68's Avatar
    How can ATT claim the highest satisfaction rating with surveys like these?

    I'm very happy with VZW. I was pretty happy with tmo too. My father has to use ATT for work and he is always griping about them.

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    12-10-11 06:56 PM
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    Have tried att twice now, in 2003 and again in 2011. Was sorry and canceled service both times.
    01-01-12 04:36 AM
  6. Midnight Barbecue's Avatar
    AllTel was the best, and cheaper than Verizon. Was sad to see them eaten up.
    01-01-12 04:38 AM