1. jrdtechdotnet's Avatar
    "You will be eligible to upgrade your phone at discounted pricing on 8/27/10 and will be eligible to receive an additional New Every Two discount on 8/27/10."
    So does that mean I essentially have 2 upgrades in the bank so to speak? In other words can I get a Bold 9650 now and then get the Slider when it comes out in 6 months?

    Also, my contract is month-to-month does taking advantage of the ne2 program force me to go to a 2yr contract?
    06-04-10 09:51 PM
  2. mikec8801's Avatar
    U could take advantage of the annual upgrade now if u like. If u have a plan thats more plan 49.99 a month, fulfilled at least one year of your current contract, and willing to review to a new 2 year contract, u can upgrade to any phone at the current promotion price. Going by your date of 8/27/10 you're eligible now for annual upgrade. Just beware that if u do so, it will reset your NE2 date.
    06-04-10 10:24 PM