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    Last August, I upgraded a secondary line to a BB Tour, then moved the Tour to my primary line ( I'll call it line 1). In December, I upgraded a much unused secondary line to a Motorola Droid, simply because I wanted to try the Droid. I then put the Droid on my primary line, and the Tour on the secondary line.
    My question is: Can I keep the Droid on the primary line, and replace the Tour with a Razr, and put the Tour away in case I ever want to use it? In other words, can I have one smartphone active, and use only one data plan?
    01-11-10 07:55 AM
  2. MPh1000's Avatar
    Que tachy, eeee

    Alright this is the deal, you can deactivate tour and activate Motorola razor, no need for data plan No contract on it.

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    01-11-10 08:50 AM