05-04-09 12:34 AM
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  1. slvryaris's Avatar
    Is it because of the LED location inside the phone???? My cousin and his wife both have blackberry curves but the are through AT&T and their trackballs are brighter then the sun. Why is Verizons all nasty looking???
    04-29-09 04:11 AM
  2. blackberrytony1's Avatar
    i never noticed that with verizions next time i c it i will look for the color
    04-29-09 04:52 PM
  3. princess31's Avatar
    hi, i have a question, can u change the face plate on blackberry 8330 cuz i have some scratches on mine?
    04-29-09 05:11 PM
  4. lovelyxkill's Avatar
    I think new trackballs that come on the phone are bright white till they get dirty and then they turn yellowish. Mine from verizon is bright as can be but I changed it to a pink ball from berryballs on ebay I think it was like 13 with shipping... I've heard the trackballs fom cnn aren't that great though. They are in chine I think it takes a little while for shipping.

    Yes you can change the housing also there are videos on youtube and you can order from cnn or I've seen em on ebay as well. I've never done it on mine but you can search on here plenty of people have done it on here.

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    04-29-09 05:21 PM
  5. slvryaris's Avatar
    Ya my ball looks yellowish even turned off. I should get my new one tomorrow and we will see.
    04-30-09 02:51 AM
  6. slvryaris's Avatar
    Got my new ball today and put it in, and it is really whiter then the other one. I think AT&T and everyone elses version of the Curve has the LED right by the ball where as Verizons is to the left and further away, but for anyone who has a yellowish ball the replacement from the Crackberry store looks a whole lot better.

    I did notice though as I used it it was getting kind of a yellowish tint, but I believe the balls can be cleaned if I am correct with rubbing alcohol and a Qtip.

    Does anyone know if this brings the original color of the ball back to life and removes the dirt and build up to make it look whiter?
    04-30-09 01:01 PM
  7. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    hi, i have a question, can u change the face plate on blackberry 8330 cuz i have some scratches on mine?
    Yes you can. They can be found everywhere, like eBay, Cellular Accessories - 3G, Tools, NEC, HTC, Sony, Samsung, BenQ-Siemens, Microsoft, Accessories Store, HorizonWirelessOnline.com - Horizon Wireless, The World’s Cellular Repair Center and other various sites.
    04-30-09 05:29 PM
  8. xliderider's Avatar
    There's a whole thread with pics of dyed trac balls, and a link to the thread that started it all in post #1.


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    05-04-09 12:34 AM
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