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    Let me start by saying I have searched for while about all of this info, but none of it is all in one place, and different sources have given different information.

    I am traveling to Canada in a few days. I'll be there for 4 days. I'm using a Storm 2, and will be using data, so I need a suggestion for both voice and data packages. I won't be talking much while I'm there, so I don't need a huge minute allowance.

    Currently, I have the Nationwide Talk and Text 1400 Share plan with unlimited data for 2 phones (my wife and I both have Blackberries).

    My wife will not be traveling with me, so the Verizon rep I spoke with said I only need to activate the plus Canada plan for my phone and put her on a different plan for the few days I'll be gone. However, wouldn't it just be easier to switch to a Nationwide Plus Canada Family SharePlan for the few days that I'm there and then switch back to my current plan when I get home ? That way I wouldn't have to create separate plans for each phone?

    I know for data I'll need to add the Global access plan for $64.99. I'm almost positive from what I've read that it can be prorated for just a few days. That covers texting to the US right?

    Would there be any benefit to trying to get my Storm unlocked to use on a GSM network up there? Would it even be possible to do so? Would it be the same price?

    Sorry about the lengthy post and all of the questions. Like I said, just wanted to get all the info in one place.
    08-01-10 07:31 PM
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    First off, you need to see what the coverage is like for Verizon in the part of Canada you're going to be visiting. Most of the time, it should be no worries, but it doesn't hurt to look.

    Second: I'd suggest switching to the Canada Family SharePlan for the time being, then switch back when you get home.

    Since your S2 has Wi-Fi, for all data you could connect to the hotel's wifi and use it there without impacting your bill to much. If you want to switch to the Global Access Plan for a few days, theres no problem with that. Its all up to you.

    In the off chance you want to unlock it and use a different carrier for the 4 days your up there, there are some good deals on prepaid SIMs (talk, text, and data). Its up to you on what you want to do.

    Any other questions, PM me and I'll be glad to answer them!
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    You probably need to check but I do NOT think TEXTING is included in the Global plan. I don't text but when I used the Global for 3 weeks (they do prorate) in Europe, it only supposedly included DATA.
    08-02-10 07:14 PM
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    Thanks for both of the replies so far. I'm going to Toronto (meant to put that in the original post) so coverage shouldn't be a problem. I have absolutely no idea about GSM use. Any info on plans/packages and rates for carriers available up there? I'm thinking it might be nice not to have to switch my plan around and deal with a potential headache when I get back. I understand the basics of getting a prepaid SIM, but what about the one that came with the phone? Would that be billed through Verizon somehow if I used it? Like I said, I just have no idea about the ins and outs of GSM use.

    Wifi is exorbitantly expensive in the hotels I'll be staying in, so that's not a great option.

    Texting (I believe) to US numbers is included from what I have read. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Verizon's language on that isn't easy to understand.
    08-02-10 10:59 PM
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    You probably need to check but I do NOT think TEXTING is included in the Global plan. I don't text but when I used the Global for 3 weeks (they do prorate) in Europe, it only supposedly included DATA.
    If you are just texting to a few people (like fam members) then you don't ened to worry about if TXT is included in the plan.

    Just use the SMS gateway.

    You to a fam member: You will email the fam member (or whomever) at 9781234567@vtext.com. They then receive that as a text.

    Fam member to you: They just address the TXT to your email address.

    Given this, I find the easiest thing in a situation like yours is to just add the global data to your phone. Since you said calls are usually minimal, you can tell people to just use the phone line for emergencies, etc.
    08-03-10 12:28 PM