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    I don't have Verizon, I'm thinking of getting a pearl for someone as a gift. I just wanted to make sure it works the same way as any other carrier. Can I give this person a phone and they can just start using it with no issues? Since it doesn't use a SIM will Verizon give a hard time? And for my last question, how much is Verizon charging for unlimited BIS(Data + Internet)?

    Edit: Will she be forced to get a data plan? I'm not sure if I want to surprise someone and then have them find out they have to pay more money a month now.


    Ps. I would be buying the phone from ebay, I'm looking for a new one.
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    Yes, a data plan is needed on VZW. Honestly, I can't see a reason for a Berry without data.

    VZW is CDMA - no SIM cards are used. If the Pearl you're looking at has a SIM card, it is not CDMA & will not work on VZW, Alltel or Sprint.

    With the low prices at VZW for the 8130, why not get it there without risk?

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    The thing is that it's supposed to be a surprise, I just want to give it to her and then they will have to put the data plan on. This person already complains about the high phone bill from Verizon so that's why I was asking if they would be forced too.

    A pearl is 300 bucks from Verizon without a contract, if I get a new one from eBay I can get it for around 170.

    And of course I will be looking for a Verizon branded one that would be able to connect to the network(ie. Not stolen or reported lost).
    12-31-08 10:19 AM