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    Hi, this is my first post here, and I'm new to the Blackberry in general so be nice.

    At first I couldn't change my outgoing email sig from the phone, then over the weekend I used Google to find my way into the BIS part of blackberry.com on my computer, logged in and could change it. I bookmarked the link. Yay.

    Now I want to change it to something else, but after a forced Blackberry Desktop update, courtesy of Verizon, the same link tells me to do it from Verizon's web site. Which you can't, of course.

    So...as of Wednesday 5/14, with the latest version of Verizon's BB Desktop and firmware updates from Verizon, has anybody figured out how to change their outgoing email sig?

    Thanks a million!

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    05-13-08 07:38 PM
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    Log into the blackberry BIS site for verizon (blackberry.com.go.vzw)and select edit to the right of the email addreses signature you wish to change. on the next screen there is an option to edit the sig
    08-07-08 07:40 PM