1. MeetJoeAsian's Avatar
    I remember when the Torch and Bold were launched, VZW actually started selling the phone in the store days (if not like a week?) prior to the official release date. Anyone know what VZW's track record of doing this? Would be nice....

    I'm planning on purchasing the Z10 at full price since I currently have an unlimited 4G data plan...(had to replace my BBTorch last May to a 4G Android device to get 4G before they stopped grandfathering unlimited 4G data after that month...hated Android before that, and hating it more now that I've been forced to use it for almost a year)...I figure since I use anywhere from 6-8gb/month (of course most of that is accomplished by hotspotting my phone for my iPad....is there an app for the Blackberry that allows tethering yet?), it's more beneficial for me to stay with the unlimited 4G data plan....so, my question is, any idea how much the full price for this phone will be? I noticed Best Buy is selling it for $699 unactivated for the T-Mobile Z10, and I'm sure they'll do the same for VZW....I've heard there are benefits of buying from Best Buy, as far as their extended warranties and such (something about them giving you a new phone vs VZW's refurbished(?) when you damage your phone...someone verify this)...

    I'm planning on ordering one online on Thursday just to make sure I'm guaranteed one...and they have an option for me to pick it up at a local store...anyone familiar with how this works as far as if I will pick it up on launch day or will it be a few days later? If anything goes wrong, I'm just gonna go to the store anyway on launch day to buy a unit...did the same when the Torch launched, and I just returned the package when they FedEx'd to me....
    03-14-13 03:21 AM
  2. 00stryder's Avatar
    Full retail is showing up as $599, no idea if they'll surprise us and start selling early but we can only hope!
    03-14-13 08:29 AM
  3. ummie4's Avatar
    Was just in a store. The rep checked her shipping logs for next week deliveries, no z10s next week she said. (at least at my store)
    03-14-13 07:00 PM
  4. Jedi_Blackberry's Avatar
    Ok....so yesterday I stopped in at a verizon kiosk in the mall. I was put on a waiting list for the 1st phone they received. I did not have to pre-order or anything. Today at about 5pm I get a phone call asking me to put money down. I asked why and was told the more they have in pre-order sales the more they get. and once I paid for it they would order. I am hoping that I will have my phone by the 26th or 27th as the store has to have stock before the 28th release date. fingers-crossed
    03-14-13 11:33 PM
  5. travaz's Avatar
    From what I am seeing they ship early as a reward for people that preordered but I dont see an early release in the stores.
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    03-18-13 06:51 PM
  6. kfh227's Avatar
    A guy I work with pre-ordered an S3 when it came out. he got it several days before you could get it in stores.

    The Z10 "ships by March 28" according to Verizon. At worse, it will ship on the 27th and overnight it. But I think that they won't pay extra to ship. it's just bad business practice to waste money like that.

    I kinda expect it to ship on Monday and by at my door either Tuesday(26th) or Wednesday(27th).

    If it shipped on Saturday, that would be awesome!
    03-18-13 09:23 PM
  7. chi-town311's Avatar
    Well that sounds good to me. I head out of town mid-day friday, so I am just hoping I have it before I leave.
    03-19-13 11:06 AM
  8. pablomdelgado's Avatar
    Well in my experience with speaking to Verizon customer service and employees, the early release rumors are running rampant. Let's hope they do!
    03-19-13 03:33 PM
  9. kfh227's Avatar
    It would be good for Blackberry if people just started getting them in the mail all of a sudden without any notification of the fact. Granted, tehy'd have to give us tracking numbers and whatnot.
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    03-19-13 08:42 PM
  10. howarmat's Avatar
    you want it early you should preorder online. Last 2 phones i got 1-2 days early from VZW that way
    03-19-13 10:17 PM
  11. Camelhmpz's Avatar
    you want it early you should preorder online. Last 2 phones i got 1-2 days early from VZW that way
    Same here, but no one get their hopes up.
    03-19-13 11:45 PM
  12. BernFlo's Avatar
    I was going to pre-order on line but was told they wouldn't ship until 28th and arrive on 29th! I stopped at my local store ordered from them figuring they would definitely have them on 28th and I would get it that day. Today I spoke with my salesman who promised to call me if they come in a day or two early. One can only hope!
    03-23-13 05:24 PM

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