1. kwsmithphoto's Avatar
    I've tried everything DM tells me, and everything else I can possibly think of.

    All I get is "audio gateway" and "dial up networking." DM will not synch my Outlook info via Bluetooth, but I can use my laptop as a really bad speakerphone...

    I've researched and learned that Verizon phones don't support OBEX profiles, and once I learned what OBEX meant, I'm guessing that's why.

    Is there a workaround? I have the latest driver on the computer, an IBM (OK, Lenovo) T60 and they connect, I just can't get DM to do anything useful with it.

    Any help appreciated and yes, I've searched the archives here.

    05-25-08 03:03 AM
  2. CrazyMan5150's Avatar
    cant you use the tether cord to sync your Device and Computer together ?

    wirh the latest version of BDM 4.6 ?
    08-26-08 07:28 AM
  3. Evalast AV's Avatar
    I am using DM 4.6, outlook, an 8330 and bluetooth with no problems....Does DM show your PIN # via bluetooth connection? Did you select the items that you want to synch? DM should talk directly with the BB, not sure why OBEX would come into play....
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    08-26-08 08:45 AM