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    like if i get teh card from walmart will i be able to use the phone????

    and if so will i be able to use bis?
    12-28-11 09:47 PM
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    This $20 prepaid wireless airtime card is compatible with most Verizon cell phones and can be redeemed for a message bundle or additional airtime. To Anyone on Any network in the U.S. (Text, Picture and Video Messages)
    Compatible with Verizon no-contract cell phones for additional minutes.
    $15 value Redeemable for talk time, text messaging and games. Includes domestic long distance.
    Carries over unused balance month to month. Expires after 1 year.
    I couldn't find a simple answer to your question. WalMart's and BestBuy's prepaid cards do not appear to include internet access. I copied the quoted text from their respective websites. However, if you google "Verizon BlackBerry prepaid plan," you will find that Verizon sells prepaid cards that offer web access. Here's the link: http://forums.crackberry.com/e?link=...token=so7qCgXV

    I'm sorry I couldn't give a simple yes/no answer. Hopefully someone else will see the thread that has experience with what you are trying to do.
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    Still appreciate your reply!
    12-29-11 11:16 AM
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    I have a Bold with prepaid service from Verizon. I have full functionality of the phone while in the US. If you are on prepaid, you cannot have your Verizon SIM card activated, and will only be able to roam on CDMA networks in Canada, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Islands. There is no GSM roaming for prepaid customers. Since the tour is both CDMA and GSM capable, you will be able to use local SIM cards to use GSM if you travel internationally.

    My prepaid plan includes the following:
    - 450 anytime minutes
    - unlimited nights and weekend minutes
    - unlimited texting within the US
    - $0.45 per minute after allowance
    - $0.20 per minute domestic roaming
    - $0.25 per MMS
    - international calling and texting rates depend on the country, not available for all countries, check the website.
    - unlimited web/email for blackberry

    this is costing me $95 per month. i think that's the cheapest it gets. expensive, i know, but it's the best coverage in the US...

    make sure your Tour is Verizon branded, otherwise it will not work with Verizon.

    I hope this helps
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