11-01-09 11:48 AM
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    If you have homeowners or renters insureance, talk to your agent. I got what is called a Personal Articles Policy.

    Insurance for my storm is $11 per year.

    No deductible. If *anything* happens to my storm, I call it in, and they send me a check. I have this on my and my son's storm, the 4 laptops, and 2 cameras we have.

    Only restriction on the policy is the item has to be worth more than $500 retail
    Thats a cool thing to know. I'm going to research more on that end of insurance. I can get renters insurance via Geico.. ( dont judge me! )
    I'll have to ask them about insurance on the phones and computers.
    I'll keep you updated I need to renew my car insurance this week anyway so might as well ask when I do that.
    11-01-09 11:48 AM
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