1. evan_2k's Avatar
    I have 2 Verizon Bold 9930's. I'm interested in signing up for the More Everything Shared plan with 10gb data and without Edge. From what I've been reading online, if I bring my own devices, I'll get the $25 off each line access fee. So my total monthly charge should be $130. But every time I speak to a rep, they say I have to sign up for Edge to get the discount. Which makes no sense because I don't plan on ever upgrading and if/when I do then I'll most likely purchase it second hand.
    I've also read on another forum page that I'll have to sign up and manually add the discount.
    Can anyone help me out?


    Posted via CB10
    10-20-14 07:59 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    have you called a rep to see what the story is? I had to buy my device through them to qualify for the line access rebate each month.
    10-21-14 10:26 AM

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