1. LDubs's Avatar
    I had Cantoni.mobi set as my browser home page for months. I was away on vacation and had to re-establish connection to the Verizon network on my Pearl (i.e. when I came back home, no e-mails, coming or going). So I resent my service books through the BIS website, re-entered my Yahoo password, and then did a battery pull.

    I subsequently noticed that somehow, coincidentally or not, my browser home page got reset to the crappy Verizon one.

    No harm no foul, I changed it back (had to rack my brain and do a couple of searches to remember the name of the cantoni website), but it's annoying. Has this happened to anyone else, and if so how to prevent it from happening again?


    01-14-09 11:26 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Impressive site, I think I'm gonna change my homepage to that!
    01-14-09 11:37 AM
  3. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    I think that this happened to everyone a while back. I know my wife and I experienced it. Just go back and set your your original homepage back to what it was.
    01-14-09 11:37 AM
  4. LDubs's Avatar
    thanks, I changed it back already. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to stop this from happening again, b/c it took me a while to remember cantoni and it was killing me for a few days.
    01-14-09 12:29 PM
  5. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    I think it was because Verizon updated their page. I would imagine if they did it again, you would have to reset it again. Bookmark it just in case.
    01-14-09 12:32 PM