1. theaxeman's Avatar
    Looked through the forums, but can't seem to get any info on this. Sorry if it is covered somwhere:

    I've had my 8330 Curve for a few weeks after having to upgrade from a 8703e. How do I save bookmarks on the Curve? The only way I have been able to get to webpages is by pulling up Browser, getting the VZStart page, choosing Connect, and then searching with Google or Yahoo.

    I know VZW blocks stuff and we are kind of at their mercy with locking and all, but there's got to be a better way. Right?
    07-11-08 10:06 AM
  2. miss_michelle's Avatar
    are you using the built-in browser? When you're on the page you want to bookmark, just go into the menu and choose "add bookmark". When you want to go back to that page, pull up your browser, go into the menu and choose "bookmarks". You can access the bookmarks in the menu from any page you're on, as long as you're in the browser. Hope that helps!
    07-11-08 10:12 AM