1. gmanstrading's Avatar
    bought storm on ebay but would like to use new every 2 for the tour/9630
    Can I use both phones on my account? I guess it would need it's own line. We have a family plan and my wife will use the flip for her new every 2.
    thanks for any help...
    06-11-09 08:19 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    If you want them both active at the same time, yes you need another line. you an swap them by changing the esn/meid online or do a *228 opt 3. You would also need to do a device change on the BIS for email when you switch
    06-11-09 08:36 PM
  3. gmanstrading's Avatar
    Thanks for the help that is just what I was looking to do switch em out. My plan would be the same, what about for texting would I have to anything else??? Of course it might be a pain having different text messages (and emails) on each phone...

    I will checkout your links they look helpful
    06-11-09 08:57 PM
  4. gmanstrading's Avatar
    but will wait to after tour is released...so many on ebay price is dropping
    thinking it would be good to have as a back up and learn more about what everyone is experiencing...
    06-11-09 09:39 PM