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    So first of all if anyone can point me towards some more info on the BOGO rules and information that would be great, i assume more will be available tomorrow.

    What i want to know is do i get a storm for 200 dollars with my upgrade or is that without the upgrade?

    If that is with the upgrade (i would assume it is) does the free one you get have to be for another phone with an available upgrade? So in the end using up 2 of your upgrades instead of just 1.

    On data plans

    Is the unlimited data plan for all lines on the same family share plan? Or do you have to pay 30 dollars a month per phone?

    Do you think i can get a free phone if i bought my storm recently? I would think if not i could just return it and get a new one... but i'm past a month so maybe not... any info on that would be good too.

    I'm trying to convince my mom that she NEEEDS a bberry to make her life easier (and everyone elses) but she seems to think her phone is just fine... even though I think its the first color screen phone verizon ever came out with. she likes technology so she wouldn't have a problem with it, she just doesn't want to pay more monthly and doesnt think she can afford such a "high end" phone...

    02-05-09 11:58 PM
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    Verizon Wireless BlackBerry BOGO sale, buy one get one free! : Boy Genius Report

    Info on the first question.

    Second question is that each berry does require the data plan. So each phone would need the $30 data plan for personal email.

    Also, this promo does extend to people that purchased a Blackberry from January 1st and on. So as long as you purchased it after then she can get a free berry of equal or lesser value.

    The only problem that it seems you may have is convincing her that the Data plan is worth it. Does she have an Employee Discount on the account?
    02-06-09 12:13 AM
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    I am not sure if she has an employee discount or not... she definitely won't want to pay 30 more a month though
    02-06-09 10:57 AM