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    OK, these are unusual questions, so I thought I'd ask here as the VZW reps here are usually MUCH more knowledgeable that the ones in my local store.

    We have three lines on a legacy Alltel plan with the following phones:
    1. Verizon Curve
    2. Alltel Curve
    3. Alltel Curve

    Line 2 is my husband's line and has an available upgrade. He recently started eyeballing the Droid so I'm thinking of getting it for him at the end of the month. Since that would also be a Verizon phone, we are now poised to switch to a Verizon plan without having to buy THREE new phones which was our sticking point before. So here are the questions:

    1. Am I correct that, since we have one line due an upgrade, we can switch to a Verizon plan and still get upgrade price on a 2nd line since we are switching over from legacy Alltel? (3rd line is already a Verizon phone.) If so, that brings about the other set of questions, LOL.

    Two of us are located in TN, one is in OH. The one in OH is one of the Alltel Curves. Since he wants to eventually drop off our plan, we would be shipping the Verizon Curve to him which leaves someone going without a phone for a day or two UNLESS:

    2. I know you can do the BOGOs a few days apart and still get the discount correct? Can we get the new phone on the line 2 upgrade due legacy Alltel line and swap out that Alltel Curve he is using with the line 1 Verizon Curve I am using, ship the Verizon Curve to OH to be ESN swapped locally there for the Alltel Curve on line 3, thereby leaving our lines like this still on legacy Alltel:

    1. Alltel Curve (upgrade due June)
    2. Verizon Droid (upgrade just used)
    3. Verizon Curve (not wanting upgrade in order to drop off)

    Are we then able to go into the store here, ask to swap to a Verizon plan (since the Verizon phone is now in OH and nobody would have to go without a phone), be able to now get upgrade pricing on line 1 (since we're swapping to Verizon plan) and use the BOGO offer from purchasing the new phone on line 2 even though it was initially bought a few days before on the Alltel plan?

    I'm sure this is about as clear as mud as it took me a couple days to even come UP with a way to do this if we're allowed. And I know that I'll have to repeat the whole dang thing again when we actually go in the store, but just wanted to make sure it was worth the effort to explain to them.
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    Any Alltel line that you have that is still under an Alltel plan and contract can be switched to a VZW plan and device.

    As far as the BOGO's you can take advantage of those up til 30 days after you purchase the first device.

    As far as everything else goes it sounds good to me.
    03-03-10 10:03 AM
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    Thought of another potential snag:

    If I use the upgrade to add the Droid to the current Alltel plan, then when I go to switch to the Verizon plan in order to get the 2nd line BOGO in a couple days after shipping the Verizon Curve, have I not just lost the ability to migrate to Verizon since I now have no upgradeable lines? Forgot about that part.

    I mean I COULD activate a junk Verizon phone on my line for a couple days while I ship mine to OH so I could get both Droids at once, but it would alert hubby to what I was doing. I can't think of any plausible reason to give him why I would activate a dumb phone and ship my perfectly good Curve to my son in OH who already has a perfectly good Alltel Curve ... he would know in two seconds flat, LOL.

    Or if I explain what I'm doing to CS, will they maybe make a 2 day concession and let me do it as planned?
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    I don't think you will have any issues.

    When you explain the situation in the store... especially if you go into the same store and do both transactions... I don't forsee you having any issues. If you do just get CS involved and explain your situation. We do make exceptions to the rules we establish and we aren't hard to get along with
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    Great! You have been so helpful!

    One last question, I promise. If I decide to add a line, can I add the line to my legacy Alltel and then switch all to Verizon plan, or would adding a line automatically have to kick me into Verizon plan at the time?
    03-04-10 09:38 AM
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    Would be a VZW line as far as I know. Not sure why you would want to add an Alltel line bc you are going to VZW anyway. You are still going to sign a contract with VZW and will still get the same price either way.

    And feel free to ask any questions we are here to help.
    03-04-10 09:54 AM
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    The reason for initially adding the line under Alltel would have been to buy time to ship the Verizon Curve to Ohio. But since we can't do that, I may have to go back to original plan.

    I just really hate applying for the rebates because we never get them back. Wanted to order online if I could to take advantage of the instant rebate. I know I could order the updgrade & first Droid online with no problem. Could I go into the store to add the new line & do the Verizon switchover & still get the BOGO? I guess I could huh?

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    He will still be able to use his Alltel device once you change the plan. However, it may change a feature on the account. Just be aware of those changes bc you may incur some charges you aren't accustomed to seeing.

    DON'T LET THEM ACTIVATE THE NEW PURCHASED DROID ON THE ACCOUNT. Once this occurs the Alltel Curve won't reactivate and he will be without the phone.

    Where ever you choose to do it make sure they fully understand what you are doing. It may take getting a managers codes to override just so that the Alltel line doesn't go inactive. Once that Alltel curve is taken off the account it can't be added to a VZW plan.
    03-04-10 10:20 AM