1. Blue23's Avatar
    I am in the market for a smartphone. Right now I have the new Mortorola Razor. Which BlackBerry should I get. I am between the Pearl 8130 a 8830, and I have heard talk of the Curve coming to Verizon. Thank you for the information.
    12-29-07 01:51 PM
  2. BigJB's Avatar
    I have the 8830 and I love it. No camera, but I did not want one.

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    12-29-07 02:27 PM
  3. Aristocles's Avatar
    Hey, Blue23! I dare say that coming from a Razor, you will be happy with either of the bb's you mentioned. I have the pearl 8130. I like it's "more like a cell phone" size. I really like suretype (most of the time) and dig having a good camera. The Pearl has everything I was looking for. You might just go to a VZW store and check out both models. I was in the same situation you are and was sorely tempted by the 8830! Anyway, both are great phones. Don't forget to post what you decide!
    12-29-07 02:57 PM
  4. John Yester's Avatar
    go with the pearl , you will not be any happier
    12-29-07 03:10 PM
  5. Tylerd's Avatar
    I have the 8830, but I think the next time I am up to trade, I am going to go with the Pearl. Just to try something new. I was in the Verizon store a couple of weeks ago, and I was amazed how easy the SureType system is. Either way though you will be very happy!!

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    12-29-07 03:31 PM
  6. roseroyce's Avatar
    I have the 8830. I love the feel of the keys and the size of the unit. The Pearl is too small for me.

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    12-29-07 03:40 PM
  7. castlerock611's Avatar
    What you have decide is,do you want a nice full qwerty keyboard(8830)for ease of use if you do a moderate amount of texting,IMing,and e-mailing(sans camera),or the new VZW blackberry pearl(8130),that has a nice camera,the new 4.3 OS that the rest of us crackaddicts are impatiently waiting for,but,the pearl uses a condensed keyboard(multipule(sic) numbers and symbols per key),if you don't text,IM,or respond to emails a lot its okay to have a pearl,other than that, the 8830 is better(had the pleasure of owning one at one time,)hopes this helps.

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    12-29-07 04:01 PM
  8. eShawpm's Avatar
    I moved from a Treo 700p to a Pearl and love it. I tried the 8830 and while the screen size was nice, it was hard to read the keys at night. For me, the size of the Pearl is perfect and SureType is fine, it takes some adjusting and like wine gets better over time. In either case, coming from a feature phone you will not be disappointed with either choice as the functions are the same. The form is the only decision point.

    Regarding the Curve, VWZ may get it 1st quarter next year and may get it the first quarter of 09, that decision is up to you if you are willing to wait and see. I have a Curve for work and it is a great device as well. I prefer it as a data and email machine only as the battery life is better than the Pearl and typing work related terms is easier on the full keyboard.

    Now, to be fair, if I were going it solo, I would probably still pop for the Pearl as the form factor and power is killer . . . but that's just me and your mileage may vary.


    12-29-07 04:36 PM
  9. wallysquier's Avatar
    i had a LG for a couple of years, switch to the "N-V" for about three days, had the pearl for maybe three days, LOVE the 8830 had it for a couple of week maybe a little longer, Just ordered the black face plate and key board. the silver with blue light, for me pretty hard to see at night. But even if i could not switch them I'd keep the 8830
    12-29-07 06:51 PM
  10. azarraga053's Avatar
    was in the store yesterday and after a week with my pearl, saw the others to be way thicker than i imagined

    camera is good as well
    12-29-07 11:41 PM
  11. cate's Avatar
    i have the pearl & it's amazing. i've had "cingular", sprint & t-mobile. i'm happy with verizon.
    12-30-07 02:59 AM
  12. crashovrride's Avatar
    I had a razr with Verizon and hated it. It was swapped out three times. Now I have the 8830 and couldn't be happier.
    12-30-07 03:06 AM
  13. dfelliott's Avatar
    i had a LG for a couple of years, switch to the "N-V" for about three days, had the pearl for maybe three days, LOVE the 8830 had it for a couple of week maybe a little longer, Just ordered the black face plate and key board. the silver with blue light, for me pretty hard to see at night. But even if i could not switch them I'd keep the 8830
    How do you order new face plates and keyboards? I have a Curve 8810 from ATT and I have trouble reading the keyboard-would prefer higher contrast.

    01-01-08 05:10 AM
  14. dfelliott's Avatar
    Oops-meant Curve 8310, nor 8810.
    01-01-08 05:11 AM
  15. wallysquier's Avatar
    01-01-08 05:15 PM
  16. dionnfr's Avatar
    8130, I went from the RAZR 2 and couldn't be happier.
    01-04-08 07:37 AM
  17. tpierce67's Avatar
    I have gone from the 8830 to the pearl and so far i'm happy. The 8830 is nice, but there are a few issues and concerns.
    First is the issue with the volume on the 8830. Many on this forum have complained about the low volume on the 8830. It was one of my biggest gripes.
    Second is the blue back light on the keyboard....horrible to read in low light conditions.
    Obviously these may be minor annoyances to some but to me missing calls because i could not hear the phone ring was a deal breaker for me.
    Aside from these issues there is much to like about the 8830. The screen is nice and big, full keyboard, international capabilities, great battery life, just to name a few.

    I just got the pearl so i'm still learning about it. But so far I like it. The form factor was a biggie for me. I'm still learning the suretype concept but it's not as bad as i thought. It's super loud....last night in a noisy restaurant the phone was in my pocket and i got a call......OMG it was super loud. I'm using the loud profile but the med is not bad either.
    The keyboard is a little cramped but the back light is great. It has the latest BB OS which is both a good and bad thing from what i've read from others on here.
    The pearl has a headphone jack and mem card slot on the side of device which is convenient as well. The 8830 mem card was inside the battery compartment.
    I haven't had a chance to test BT, Bat life, etc. But so far the call quality is as good if not a tiny bit better than my 8830. My 8830 was real sensitive to background noise but the pearl seems less so. Time will tell.
    Either way you will get an excellent device. It's about preference and what you can and can't live with. Let us know what you decide to go with.
    01-04-08 10:03 AM
  18. joanne119's Avatar
    so did you stay with verizon afterall I am trying to decide 8830 or pearl???
    01-19-08 07:06 PM
  19. dacur's Avatar
    Love my pearl. Suretype is great and the camera is good. I like the smaller size. Good luck!

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    01-19-08 07:42 PM
  20. TMG's Avatar
    I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am having the same dilemna, choosing between the 8830 the 8130 or wait to see if VZW gets the Curve. I am not a big fan of the 8830, but coming from an 8703e I don't know if I want the smaller screen and the SureType. Everything else about the 8130 seems great. Tough decision . . . does anyone know if VZW will get the Curve in the next few months?
    01-21-08 01:47 PM
  21. MarcusLinnius's Avatar
    I've heard and read every rumour under the sun and have given up on getting facts. We won't know until we see it and I don't think anyone has seen it yet.

    I'm waiting impatiently!

    01-21-08 02:34 PM
  22. TMG's Avatar
    What do you think of the durability as between the 8830 and the 8130? I know my current 8703e is a tank and I will never see durability like that again.
    01-21-08 02:36 PM
  23. pmas's Avatar
    I am a new 8130 user. After a full week with it, I have to say I love it. It is my first BB. I went from a krazr and iPhone (yes I had 2 services and carried 2 phones) and this blows away the iPhone. I can say with confidence that you will love the 8130 for it's functionality and size.
    01-23-08 05:58 AM