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    I have the old Curve 8330 and I'm getting sick of it. It's frustratingly slow, and the mobile web crap is pissin me off.

    I'm thinking of upgrading to one of these phones. What's the major differences between the two? Do they both offer full HTML web browsing? What kind of processor do these use?

    I'm not buying from Verizon and paying double the price, I can get the Tour for about $150-200, and the Bold for $350 on ebay.
    09-02-10 02:23 AM
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    To put it lightly, the 9650 is what the 9630 should have been. There are no drastic differences, but the 9650 has WiFi, a trackpad instead of a trackball, and double the RAM (9630 has 256MB, 9650 has 512MB). The native BlackBerry browser is pretty subpar -- but it does offer full HTML web browsing. The 9650 will be getting the new OS though, while the 9630 will not and the new OS will include a WebKit browser which will make the browsing experience much better. They both use a Qualcomm MSM7600 528 MHz processor so there isn't any difference there. In the end, it's really up to you if you want to spend an extra $150-$200 for a better browsing experience (in the near future), WiFi capabilities, a trackpad, and more RAM.
    09-02-10 02:59 AM
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    Wow, I didn't think they were that similar. I rather save the extra money and go with the 9630. Thanks for the quick reply.
    09-02-10 03:10 AM
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    I'd spend the extra $150 and get the Bold. Not having to deal with the POS trackball alone almost makes it worth it. Plus WIfi makes the slow azz browser a little more tolerable when you can use it. Being OS 6 ready with the extra RAM seals the deal though.

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    09-02-10 03:17 AM
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    No problem, but I have heard that the Tour's trackball can be a real pain. In any case, if you want a better browser than the native one BlackBerry provides, you can try out Opera Mini or BOLT. Both are WebKit based, offer tabbed browsing, and render desktop web pages a lot better and faster. I've found BOLT to be better than Opera Mini but it's a matter of personal opinion.
    09-02-10 03:19 AM
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    I like the trackball on my Curve, I don't know how much different it is on the Tour. Are these browsers available on the curve? I just searched the app store and nothing came up, that's odd.

    EDIT: I just found the BOLT app.
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    09-02-10 04:04 AM
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    Opera Mini isn't in BlackBerry App World, but you can download it OTA by going to http://m.opera.com on your phone. Also, I don't think the BOLT in App World is the latest version, but I could be mistaken.

    My friend has a Tour and his trackball hasn't really given him any problems, but I've seen a lot of users on this forum complain about it. It's the luck of the draw really.
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    09-02-10 04:17 AM
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    Spend the extra money for the Bold. The differences between the two seem small to us frustrated Tour users, but they're fairly significant, and Bold will support OS6 with the new webkit browser.

    You don't want to buy an obsolete Tour, you want to spend the extra money and get the more future-proof Bold.

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    09-02-10 04:28 AM
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    If you want to save some money look up how to install 5.0 on your curve. It really gives the phone a new look and there will pobably be a "better" BB in a few months. If not then spend the extra money on the Bold since it will be getting OS 6.
    09-02-10 05:06 AM
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    I had wonky trackball issues. Tour also had this weird app install issue...get to a certain number of apps (even with memory available) and you get some reload error. PITA.

    Plus, if you have a carrier with tiered data plans, you may be able to save money by dropping to a lower tier and offloading data intensive stuff (like DLing podcasts) to the wifi side. I was averaging 2-3GB on my Tour (tons of podcasts). Now I average about 200-350MB.

    Bold is just better all around to me....as a former frustrated Tour owner. But $350 on ebay.....you must be able to strike some sort of deal with your carrier.
    09-02-10 07:52 AM
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    I dunno what your finances are. Personally I would just upgrade the os on the 8330 and save your $$. I have the bold 9650 and its a good phone but not $350 good. Web experience is about the same. Ya I know webkit is supposedly coming but who knows when. 512mb is good but I have the same amount of apps installed on 9650 as I did on the 8330. The keyboard is very good on the 8330. The only real difference is the wifi and you won't get that on the 9630. 8530 has wifi and trackpad and more memory, but a not so good keyboard(it is cheaper though).

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    09-02-10 08:03 AM
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    Here's my question, what are the things that you do most on your Curve? Do you have a desire to have a bunch of apps? Are you big on web browsing? What did you think of the Bold browser, do you like? Also, are you just looking for a nice device to tide you over until you're due for an upgrade, or are you just looking to avoid resigning that 2 year?

    I loaded 5.0 on my buddy's 8330, and it worked nicely for him, but it didn't leave him with much available memory, that's the only downside to that. So if you like to load a bunch of apps and stuff that might be an issue...
    09-02-10 08:31 AM