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    Rim always looks into functionality first. What good is an Evo? I am in the military, there are times where we aren't allowed to use our phones for 14 hours some days while training, I call those days weekdays. If I pull my phone out and its almost dead or already dead, what good does that do?

    Screen also takes away from battery power and forces you to increase the spec of a phone. Rim has always been the other way around, build a phone then build a PDA to work around that phone.
    Well, the size of the screen, and the features shouldn't be so relevant if you're not playing with the device and the screen is powered down.

    In extreme cases, just power the device down.

    Or who knows, maybe add a 3rd line of BB's. The entry level line, the business/world phone/long battery life with better specs than the entry level line, and the multimedia beast let's bring the fight to droids and iphones line.

    If they were to begin a strategy like that, then folks who want an amazing multimedia device like the Droid 2, X, etc can still have a BB and the push email and BBM that goes with it, and other folks get to keep their entry level or business class devices...

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