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    So i have been seeing all of these forums that people have posted saying they've contacted Verizon wireless and had no problem getting an unlock code whether they were a customer or not. Personally i am not a customer, i have called them three different times. heres what they told me:

    1- You have to get the phone unlocked through your phone carrier ( im not stupid i know that each individual carrier sets there own unlock codes.

    2- We dont have unlock codes you have to get them from RIM, its a free phone call. ( again, not Stupid, if you have a blackberry you know it costs money to talk to RIM)

    3- Theres no possible way for verizon to unlock phones whether your a Customer or not.

    So i had my friend call them who is a Verizon Wireless customer and He got no where as well, he even told them he was traveling over seas.

    I dont trust any of these sites that offer fast services for unlock codes, also id rather not pay 30- 60$ for an unlock code i should be able to get from Verizon for free.

    If anyone has any advise or can help me out please respond, because Verizon is no help
    02-13-09 01:03 AM
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    Never mind, i got tired of dealing with the Verizon D O U C H E bags. i gave in and paid for a code. hopefully i dont get scammed.
    02-13-09 03:25 AM
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    I agree. It sucks for having to pay for something that should be given for free.. why can't there be a place and call it WAREZBERRY.COM or something. where sharing the codes is all free and people are willing to help each other break free from the code restriction. I wish someone was willing to help me. Cause it seems it's pretty simple if you can only submit your IMEI and they generate the code for you.. Why do they ask for sooo much?!?

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    03-27-09 05:47 PM
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