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    I am considering an early upgrade from a Treo to a Pearl. I have had about enough of the Treo dropping calls with no good reason, but I don't want to have the same problem with another device. I need a smartphone for the organizing capabilities more than anything. I don't have or want a media package, but I do want a QWERTY keyboard. Anyone have wisdom on switching from Palm to Blackberry?

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    09-15-08 11:30 PM
  2. Spyderz's Avatar
    If you're going to a BlackBerry, I'd honestly go for a Curve...not the Pearl. Yes, the pearl is cute and little..but coming from someone who deals with these phones all day...giving a rough estimate, 80% of issues on a Curve are user error, 80% of issues on a Pearl are not. No, not all Pearls have issues, but the majority of issues with the Pearl is just flaws with the BlackBerry itself. Thank god you're getting rid of the Treo! I don't blame you! Lol

    However, the not wanting a data package is an issue. You can't have a blackberry without a data package. You have that option with your Treo, but not with a b
    BlackBerry, its required.


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    09-16-08 04:16 PM
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    I have to agree a curve is def the way to go, having to have a data plan can be considered a downside Imo its def work for email and everything like that, plus the bbmessenger comes in handy. I find bb so much easier to use as opposed to treos even if it has windows on it. I'm a little biased against treos I was never a huge fan of them cuz they are pretty thick and after seeing all the problems my roomate had with his I def have to say bberry is the way to go and its def good for organizing I dunno how I lived without my curve, hope this helps some
    09-16-08 05:19 PM
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    Oh I forgot to mention if you have verizon you can get the 29.99 data plan which is not exactly cheap but def better then 44.99, I as well work with cell phones all day and 90% of ppl who call in with smartphones with problems end up having treos or moto q there have not been too many problems that I've come accross but the pearl on the other hand is a whole other story
    09-16-08 05:23 PM
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    I was a recent Treowx owner and went to the Curve and never looked back. I love it the OS is more stable..tons more memory....and cheaper data plan. I would say definitely switch. Good Luck
    09-16-08 06:18 PM
  6. mpooler5581's Avatar
    700 wx is a piece of $hit. I had one on sprint. Now I have a pearl. Don't let people in here fool you the pearl and the curve are the same other then the size and the keyboard. Once you get use to SureType it is easy and fast to type.

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    09-16-08 06:31 PM
  7. francscrackin's Avatar
    I had a treo755p ,actually i had 2,Verizon replaced it with a bbcurve free of charge and I haven't look back since.
    09-16-08 06:40 PM
  8. gordo8631's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong def not saying that the pearl is a bad phone it has its advantages not so much for me but I mean out of blackberries that one seems to happen the most not that it occurs that much I dunno if I was misleading before I prefer the full qwerty keyboard as opposed to the suretype keyboard
    09-16-08 06:44 PM