1. camera531's Avatar
    If you've seen my earlier thread, my new BlackBerry Q10's from Verizon came with broken BlackBerry Worlds, along with several others that friends' had bought. I finally found a fix - it's the Blackberry World Recovery Tool. It's only available on Windows computers (and of course I have a Mac), but I finally fixed the problem. BlackBerry apparently had other ideas...

    04-25-14 11:39 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I've had that happen before. Nowhere near as difficult as you seem to of have had it though. I was able to just call Rogers and get it cleared up with only one BlackBerry rep. It all depends on the support contracts your carrier has with BlackBerry as they vary across carriers. Some have direct contact, some don't.

    There should be a way to revoke devices in your BlackBerry World profile to make it easier though. Curious question, do you have all 10 devices listed in BB Protect? If you do, try removing them from there and see if it allow you access once they're removed from there.

    The 10 device limit isn't really new, though I suspect very few people actually blow it.
    04-26-14 12:22 AM
  3. camera531's Avatar
    Yeah, I was really surprised that I couldn't just go into BB World (or Link or somewhere) and remove previous devices. I've removed devices from BB Protect (not all were even on) and it didn't help. I just think the 10 device limit is ridiculous, especially when users have no control and are at the mercy of a complicated, time consuming process.

    I'm glad Rogers was able to handle it quickly. I'm sure Canadian carriers are better equipped to handle BB issues than American ones. My bro-in-law has my earlier Q10, so I'm stuck with a limited device for now.
    04-26-14 01:35 AM

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