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    Hey All,

    I have a few users travling to Dubai in the upcoming weeks and wanted to know if Verizon is true in saying them have roaming capabilities for BlackBerry service in this country. The users all have BlackBerry 8830 phones with the GSM SIM cards straight from Verizon. Thanks for any information that can be provided.

    12-03-07 11:29 AM
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    This link provides details of local carriers in the United Arab Emirates, and which frequency they operate on, coverage maps etc. All carriers in the UAE operate GSM networks only.

    GSM Roaming - United Arab Emirates

    Etisalat is the largest local carrier, and is renowned for their excellent network and coverage, (GSM 900/1800MHz) The UAE has about 6 million cellular phone users. GSM/EDGE coverage in Dubai is excellent.

    Etisalat sell their own Blackberry models too, they connect over GPRS/EDGE.
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