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    So I'm on a business trip in toronto currently and having an issue with my world edition BB8830. I've been able to connect on and off. Currently, it's showing that it's connected to the CDMA network (radio shows "1x"), but it's not roaming, which I think is denoted by the "D" next to the radio icon and/or the little triangle symbol at the top of the screen. Right now, I can't do anything - no voice, no data, nothing.

    It seems to go back and forth, but I've been stuck like this for the last few hours in my hotel. I was fine when I got off my flight this afternoon and when I was out at dinner earlier this evening.

    Is there a way to force it to roam? I've tried going to "Mobile Network Options" which shows it's on the Verizon network. I've run the diagnostics test, which comes up negative (ie, no connection). I've changed the network mode from Global to 1XEV, but no joy. I've also done multiple battery pulls with no luck.

    EDIT: so it looks like some people have suggested that "Network Selection Mode" in the Manage Connections menu should allow you to choose "Roam", but mine only shows Automatic, with no other options. I assume I'm SOL until I can reconnect to some other network?
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