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    Email message delivery is delayed to an integrated Windows Live Hotmail account on the BlackBerry Smartphone when using Windows Live Messenger on the computer.

    Email messages are not received in real-time to the BlackBerry Smartphone when a BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber has the following environment:

    The computer is running Windows XP with a Windows Live Hotmail account integrated with the BlackBerry Internet Service account and using a Windows Live Messenger (previously known as Microsoft MSN Messenger)
    Note: This issue does not occur when an earlier version of Windows Live Messenger is used in this environment.


    Windows Live Messenger and BlackBerry Internet Service both use the Microsoft Notification Protocol (MSNP) to receive notifications for new email messages.

    MSNP is designed to notify only one application at any given time. If the Windows Live Messenger application is active, a notification of the new email message appears in the Windows Live Messenger application on the computer.

    If Windows Live Messenger is inactive, the MSNP sends a notification to the BlackBerry Internet Service and the email message is sent to the BlackBerry Smartphone in real time.


    This is by design. Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry Smartphones does not receive new email notifications and will not compete with BlackBerry Internet Service for the notifications from the Windows Live Hotmail service.

    Additional Information

    The BlackBerry Internet Service will begin receiving the new email notifications when Windows Live Messenger on the computer goes into an inactive status.
    11-04-08 06:01 PM
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    Good info. Thanks for posting Lastraid.
    11-04-08 07:07 PM