1. golfpro#AC's Avatar
    Anyone here notice that since upgrade to bis 3.2 there is a serious lag with emails, including gmail, hotmail, imap, etc. Before the push mail was actually push mail and on my bb instantaneously. Now I will send an email from my computer to my phone and watch it show up in my email account on outlook immediately but takes about 5-12min to go to bb...if this is the case, why would I want a BB. Can anyone help on this issue?

    Thank You
    11-21-10 01:47 PM
  2. markhunsaker's Avatar
    I have noticed that my GMail account is still instant. My exchange does take around 15 minutes to get.

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    11-21-10 07:08 PM
  3. golfpro#AC's Avatar
    thats my point....if we arent getting true push email then why not go to another os? I have my bb for the instant imap push emails and its frustrating that its not working since 3.2.
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    11-21-10 08:20 PM
  4. 7scarabs's Avatar
    No problems here... in fact, just the opposite. On my business account, incoming e-mails will often show up on the BB a minute or two *before* they hit the "inbox" on the PC.
    11-21-10 10:24 PM
  5. mrlee7's Avatar
    well let me be the first to say I'm experiencing too.

    Sometimes my gmail app will receive mail before my bb gmail plug-in...

    The gmail app refreshes every 15 minutes..
    11-22-10 12:39 AM
  6. dakid2k6's Avatar
    I too and have the same issue. My gmail works instantly and sometimes lags 5mins-2hrs behind. I stay in the same area also when it happens. As others have said why bother with a BB if its like that.
    11-22-10 10:21 AM
  7. tjaffer's Avatar
    I've got the same issue, haven't received any emails via BB even though i have received couple in my gmail inbox....

    11-23-10 02:46 PM