03-29-11 02:06 PM
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  1. BB_SHAWN's Avatar
    Everyone just keep complaining. At least we can be a pest and chew down some of that 500m contract on costs to answer our calls and waste their time.
    12-22-09 01:48 PM
  2. grayzweb's Avatar
    Just bad business practice. They don't care about the little customer. They feel they are to big now to worry about us.

    Btw I have sent emails to them too.

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    12-22-09 01:58 PM
  3. NeoDinian's Avatar
    "Default" search engine?!?! Uh, NO... They're making it their >>ONLY<< Search engine. "Default" implies there is a "CHOICE"!.

    12-22-09 02:19 PM
  4. dyingquail's Avatar
    I just rolled the dice on a battery pull, BBM issues, and aftewards I just had an app for Bing installed. Still have all my search choices. Hallelujah.
    12-22-09 02:37 PM
  5. cenloe's Avatar
    I just rolled the dice on a battery pull, BBM issues, and aftewards I just had an app for Bing installed. Still have all my search choices. Hallelujah.
    Same here, I seems that the choices are removed for the Storm's only.
    12-22-09 02:47 PM
  6. munchkinsdad's Avatar
    Heck if I'm gonna be forced to use Bing...glad I have quicklaunch...google right from the menu!
    12-22-09 04:11 PM
  7. jack22182's Avatar
    Verizon Forces all Smartphone Browsers to Search Bing Only

    Digg it up, folks. Getting on the front page is a good thing.
    12-22-09 06:40 PM
  8. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    I haven't done any upgrades, however I had to do a "wipe" and resend service books to my phone (due to a BES issue). When that was done, I have nothing but "BING".

    I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with a VZW rep who tried to remove BING and give me back "Google", he was as frustrated as we all are.

    As incensed as I am about having this pushed on us, I have found (in the BB App World) the "Google Search" application. One button, it launches your browser and puts you into the "Google Search" mode. Not so bad an option.
    Should have kept at it and had the rep send out a new phone. Hit them back in their wallet.

    Everyone just keep complaining. At least we can be a pest and chew down some of that 500m contract on costs to answer our calls and waste their time.
    I agree. Time spent here complaining is time that could be spent on the phone with CS instead. Make this decision cost them and they will be quick to reverse it.
    12-22-09 06:43 PM
  9. PeachyXOXOXO's Avatar
    My search bar has changed too, I just got my phone 3 weeks ago though so it makes no difference to me.....xoxoxo
    12-22-09 06:53 PM
  10. CharlesH's Avatar
    Here is what I got from the Communists today:

    RE: Product or Service Feedback (WFM53988200)‏
    From: gaashoffteam@hq.verizonwireless.com
    Sent: Tue 12/22/09 12:48 PM
    To: Me
    Dear Mr. Me

    I apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing. Verizon Wireless is a proud supporter of Microsoft's Bing search engine. On a couple of select smartphones (Storm 2 the most prominent), we've changed the VZW-supplied web menu to make Bing the default search engine. If you prefer another search engine, simply type in the URL of the search engine you prefer, mark it as a "favorite." If you have any more questions, please contact our customer service department at 1800 922 0204.

    Fisola O
    Business Service Center
    They can't even get their story straight on this. They keep harping on Bing being the DEFAULT search engine, when in fact it was made the ONLY search engine. The news releases talk about "preference" for Bing, never an "exclusive" agreement. Is it possible that the responsible parties in VZW are such idiots that they don't know the difference? Or maybe if they keep saying "default" often enough, it will be become the truth?

    Of course these are the same folks that are telling the FCC that all of those $1.99 charges for accidentally clicking on the browser icon, as reported by hundreds of people, is a figment of their imagination (or the customers are lying), and it simply cannot and has not happened.
    12-22-09 07:48 PM
  11. NewToBB's Avatar
    Made a deal with MS to put money in their pocket? We are the customers, not the employees or free test cases. Will call the CS as many times as I can, as long as I can.... We will see how much they can profit from it. >>_<<
    12-22-09 09:37 PM
  12. grayzweb's Avatar
    Not sure if anyone seen this yet. Microsoft being sued over the "bing" name.

    Microsoft Sued Over Bing Name - AppScout

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    12-22-09 10:11 PM
  13. grayzweb's Avatar
    Here's another amusing article on verizons only search engine

    The Daily Breather: Why the Search Engine Bing Sucks

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    12-22-09 10:38 PM
  14. gregsringtones's Avatar
    Tar and feather the worthless loosers
    12-23-09 12:07 AM
  15. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Is them pushing bing as the ONLY search provider a contract infringement? since when we purchased the phone, we had a choice, and now, unknown to us(until we find out manually by going in the browser), verizon has wirelessly screwed with our OS, WITHOUT anyone doing a OTA update and agreeing to a new Terms of Serive/Contract. isn't that not legal is some way... anyone thinking class-action case??

    Plus... how will this effect the new browser that is coming out in '10, what will that be like?
    12-23-09 01:42 AM
  16. sechler's Avatar
    Don't know if it has been posted but here is a nice artical and mentions the forum in it.

    Verizon snuffs Google for Microsoft search € The Register

    It stated "Verizon and Microsoft have an existing relationship. In January, the two signed a five-year search and ad deal rumored to be worth $500m. When we asked Microsoft to comment on the Verizon search-box switch, it referred us to a January blog post."

    Blog Post states
    Verizon snuffs Google for Microsoft search • The Register

    "...Second, Steve announced a five-year relationship with Verizon Wireless that covers mobile search and mobile advertising. Verizon Wireless subscribers in the U.S. will be able to use Live Search on their mobile devices to find information on local business and shopping information, access maps and directions, find ringtones and other mobile products and services. This partnership will give Verizon Wireless customers great search results and provide targeted, relevant mobile advertising to enhance the overall mobile computing experience."
    12-23-09 02:06 AM
  17. ekyle125's Avatar
    Hmm.... I still my my Google search
    12-23-09 05:14 AM
  18. Laureanne's Avatar
    I moved bing into my apps folder and downloaded google app
    12-23-09 05:48 AM
  19. cbtk18's Avatar
    I'm on the new curve-----nothing but Bing here.

    I'm still under my 30 days. May switch to the Droid.

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    12-23-09 08:14 AM
  20. Damademan3's Avatar
    Verizon at replied me on twitter with these solutions because it is our choices what we want to use.... right.

    Visit Don't Want Bing Bling on Your BB? No Problem, Try This... - cz's posterous for details on how to change your search settings. Bing, Google your choice!
    12-23-09 11:25 AM
  21. lindros2's Avatar
    Dear ====,

    Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless via our Website, my name is Ramania. I understand you wanting reliable service, and I will be more than happy to assist you with your feedback about the email outage. We value you as a customer. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am sorry to hear of the problems that the Bing search engine has caused. The hold time that you experienced is not normal. Verizon Wireless has a strong customer commitment to delivering the best from our service and staff. I am disappointed to hear the service you received did not reflect this commitment.

    I tried to contact you via phone to discuss your request, but I could not reach you.

    If you are still experiencing problems with service, please contact us by dialing 800-922-0204 from a landline phone. Please have your wireless phone charged and available when calling.

    I apologize, as we are not able to honor your request to remove the Bing-only option on your device.
    12-23-09 11:50 AM
  22. TheWitness's Avatar
    I returned by "free" Storm2 on day 29 over this incident. Now, I'm waiting on the Google NexusOne which should be out in early 1stQ 2010.

    It looks like it will be a phone that you will have to buy outright. From that point forward, I just need to read the fine print on the contract to verify that it is actually "my" phone.

    However, since it will not be compatible with Verizons network (or so I'm told), I will have to switch to either Sprint, AT&T or TMobile. Does anyone have a preference?

    I do not want to be Verizons b***h any longer.

    12-23-09 12:35 PM
  23. jcs23576's Avatar
    Same here, I seems that the choices are removed for the Storm's only.
    Nope, I have an Curve 8530, and my choices are gone to.
    12-23-09 04:13 PM
  24. jcs23576's Avatar
    Worst part is, I would shut up if they left bing there and just give me dictionary.com and wikipedia back.
    12-23-09 04:28 PM
  25. jlb21's Avatar
    The Icon to install Bing appeared on my Tour today. Obviously, I did not install. I just moved that to my Setup folder and hid it.

    So far, all else is still where it should be. It just pisses me off that it is there taking up space. I don't want it. I want to be able to remove the darn installer.

    If somehow it auto installs, I will be pissed.
    12-23-09 07:36 PM
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