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    I understand this test wasn't scientific and all, but it a bit embarrassing to come in dead last for download speeds. To tell you the truth I'm pretty happy with my 700k download speed, and I am tickled pink that I can get that speed pretty much anywhere I want to. But to lose to even TMO? Yuk!
    Let's step up the game, Verizon, and get that LTE out and rolling!

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    08-22-09 03:36 AM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    I saw it on the interent so therefore it is true.

    LTE will be here soon. IN live resting now and should, if all goes well start rolling soon.

    Keep in mind the devices out there nhow will NOT work on LTE not are they upgradable. So any delays will not be from a network stand point but a device stand point.

    VZW has released tech specs to the manufactures for LTE. This means they can now designing the devices we will need for LTE.

    Remeber this is not an over night process and patience is a great virtue.
    08-22-09 07:39 AM
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    That speed test on BGR was bs. People running multiple app all @ once... Come on. Verizon has better coverage anyways. What's the point if have 3G if you can go anywhere you want. Might as well be a desktop. The whole point of having a device w/3G is the mobility & speed. Their "carrier wars" was completely bull. I know vzw was up there...
    08-22-09 08:03 AM
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    I was reading in the comments section on BGR where people where submitting there speedtests. I seen lots of people using the speed test app on their blackberry. As we all know you can't get accurate reading using the bb only so yea I agree the carrier wars are off. You can typically get at least double the speeds then what the speedtest app shows when tethering.

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    08-22-09 09:10 AM