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    I'm a new BB user (8830) and after three days I just started to have some problems that I cannot seem to find answers for under existing posts (sorry if I overlooked a thread but I searched and read quite a bit). I'm going to give as much info as possible here so please bear with me, I'm leaving town in a few days and with the holidays coming up I was not sure how much time there would be for back and forths...

    I am paying for the BES plan and when I received the phone I setup my personal email account (IMAP) and sync'd with my desktop which pulled all my personal contacts, schedules, notes... (via-outlook from my old WM based phone). This was really easy and worked great until I handed the phone over to IT at work for them to setup the BES stuff, here are my problems.

    1. Since work added BES account I can no longer sync my personal outlook when at home. Upon sync I receive a message telling me that my messaging server does not support wireless sync. When I plug the device in I also get a message regarding having to use redirector because my account is not associated with BES. Personally I don't want redirector I'm fine with having BB check for mail every once in a while without true push for personal stuff. Is there any way for both work and personal to co-exist and sync properly?

    2. Regarding my personal account, earlier today I all of a sudden got hit with over 100 old mails all sent to my BB at the same time. These mails where all older than my BB and showed up under today but the dates on the individual mails where the original (over a month old) dates. Also there where some dups here from the last couple days. I tried to reconcile but this changes nothing (perhaps due to problem #1) so I went ahead and started deleting old mail including dups of more recent mail. After an hour or so I looked at my mail box and all old mails I manually deleted where gone along with both copies of the dup'd mail. I also got bombarded with another 50+ mails an hour later. Why is this happening?

    3. Assuming someone can help me with the above my last question (related to #1 and #2) is about contecting my BB to a personal email account and having it pull the last #days/weeks of email at once and then only pulling new email as I move forward. I am about to leave on a trip and I would like the mail from the last 5 or so days including the mail I lost in incident #2 without having to forward everything (preserving the dates would be really helpful). Any ideas?

    Also, in case you are wondering all the mail from my personal account that I would like to get over to my BB is currently residing in an IMAP account and most of the 'cleanup/deleting' that took place in #2 was a device/BB delete only so the messages do still show up from me in thunderbird/webmail.

    thanks and happy hoildays/new year,
    12-23-07 04:41 AM
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    Once your device was set up on your company's BES, they gained virtually full control over it. You need to speak with them to see if their IT policy is blocking anything.
    12-23-07 07:32 PM
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    In regards to you're DTM telling you to set up redirector, my guess is that you installed it at home for the BES/Redirector option. If so, uninstall it, and reinstall for just the BIS option.

    That should fix a portion of your problem, and may also let you sync your personal contacts at home...if it doesn't, you can go into your "address book->menu button->options" and set "wireless synchronize" to NO...at that point, you should be able to sync...this will, of course, mean that when you turn wireless sync back on, all your personal contacts will sync up to the work server.
    12-23-07 08:04 PM