09-08-09 09:56 PM
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  1. mosipher's Avatar
    So if i get a bb lets say an odin hehehe and i get that plan i have to pay 30 a month??? i thought it was more hehehe, how many stuff do i get? min. or what??
    $30 a month would only include the data (unlimited) for the blackberry device. Minutes and text messages would be billed separately... That is unless you went with the data only plan. Not sure of the pricing on that one.
    09-08-09 08:36 PM
  2. patches152's Avatar
    I was told that when you get a blackberry that the system automatically changes it to a BES plan. So the $45 a month one. They are supposed to manually change it back to the BIS ($30 one) when you get your bb. I would either go in or call and make them change it back.

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    this is correct...the general rule is when you make a change, it auto-provisions the appropriate features, but if there is more than one, it picks the more expensive one...which is more inclusive. that way they're giving you too much, rather than not enough.

    consider if they gave you a lesser txt plan, and you went over, but you asked for a larger...it's easier to just give you the larger plan and credit $5 or $10 than it is to credit $95 in overages...ya know?
    09-08-09 09:56 PM
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