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    OK so I've been looking into BB's for a while now I have my mind set on getting the Bold 9650 through Verizon. I'm sick of my current phone(Palm Pixi) and I want to upgrade but it hasn't even been a year. lol i can make it to the end of my 2 years for an upgrade! So I have 2 Questions:

    1. I have the $30 unlimited Everything Smart Phone plan and I was wondering if I got a BB would I have to pay extra? I know you do for tether, but does anything else require extra payments(BBM, things of the sort)? If so, what are they? I know this question is asked a lot but I can't seem to find a definant answer.

    2. Since I am not eligible for an upgrade how much would getting the Bold 9650 be? With a 2year it showed $99 and retail was about $500. If I would have to pay full retail then what's the best way to get a new Bold for cheaper?

    Thanks a bunch

    02-08-11 06:57 PM
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    1. No, you can get an Unlimited BB Plan for $29.99 or an Enterprise for $44.00

    2. Look in the Marketplace here or eBay to get a Bold cheaper. They are in the $150-$225 range online. Just make sure you find someone reputable. Just know any used phone through Verizon has no warranty or exchange through them. But to me, its better than paying $500+
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    02-08-11 07:46 PM
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    Thanks you very much for the reply =)

    What is the Enterprise plan?

    I will check out Ebay =)
    02-08-11 07:50 PM
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    The Enterprise plan is BES, which is for corporate users. If your device is personal, you will not need it.
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    02-08-11 08:02 PM
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    aww ok thought so
    THank you also =)
    02-08-11 08:07 PM
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    aww ok thought so
    THank you also =)
    You're welcome.
    02-09-11 01:28 AM