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    A friend of mine has the 8130 from Verizon, and apparently she has somehow accidently deleted the app that allowed her to use yahoo/aim/msn. To my knowledge, it was a preloaded app on the phone when purchased and not something added after activation. Does anyone happen to know what app this is, and where to find it? I did mention jivetalk to her, but she isn't thrilled about the price tag (regardless of the advantages as I've tried to explain)
    06-30-08 08:57 PM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    have her try to resend her service books from the verizon bis site or go to options advanced options host routing hit the menu button then register now
    06-30-08 08:58 PM
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    1. Go to the BlackBerry owners lounge, sign-up and download the messengers again, for FREE

    2. Check out www dot EQO dot com. Totally FREE.
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    06-30-08 09:12 PM