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    Hey everyone. I just did a search and couldn't find any info on this and not sure how to do it. I used to have backup assistant on my old phones and it worked out great. But now since it's available on the Tour, I want to use it again. The only problem is that all my old contacts are on there.

    Is there a way online to wipe my old contacts that backup assistant associated with my phone number and just restart fresh?

    I have about 200 so I don't want to delete each and every one. I like how I set everything up with my contacts on my BB and want to keep it that way.

    Thanks for the input!

    03-30-10 11:41 PM
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    I'm lookinf for the same info, does the sync process match them both up or take from the phone and just add online, what if I edit online does it change to the phone or make them match again.. not sure

    Try logging into your my verizon online and just delete your contacts, then run the baa from your phone should lsave only the new ones. Just backup the current on DM to make sure
    03-31-10 12:01 AM
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    I did exactly what you want to do. There is a select all button and next to it is a drop down button to delete. BUT when the phone synced up it deleted all my contacts on my phone! Stupid backup assistant!

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    03-31-10 07:53 PM
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    Same thing happened to me! i used to use BA on my old enV. When i ran BA on my Tour it added 69 contacts. Crap. i just deleted the extra contacts and ran BA again.

    With over 200 contacts that will be a pain. i've not bee on the BA site on a PC. Can you not just delete the contacts from there then run BA from your BlackBerry?
    04-08-10 09:03 AM
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    I'm currently on the phone with someone at Verizon Wireless. I want to use my Outlook to sync everything. I have been using the backup asst. without knowing it and it's triplicated some of my contacts and wiped out others. I cannot find a way to disable wireless sync and neither can the tech. I'm using a Tour. I should be able to find these answers easily online vs. being on the phone with a rep for over 30 minutes and still no answer.
    Wireless Sync? on Backup Asst or the actual Wireless Sync? Since we are on a BUA thread I will assume you mean BUA. There is no way to stop the sync on Backup Asst, you would have to cancel the subscription in order to stop the sync. Its a basic backup/restore option, it does not have a lot of user tools like that.
    04-08-10 11:37 AM
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    Question for those using BUA.

    When your devide syncs, or you make a change on the acocunt, does your device get a BREW SMS?
    04-08-10 05:23 PM
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    No, no BREW SMS here.

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    04-08-10 05:28 PM
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    Grr. Will need to look into why I am.

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    04-08-10 06:11 PM