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    I have the chance to switch to Verizon or stay with AT&T, I like both the Bold and the Storm but where do you guys think I should go. Any feedback would be great like coverage, customer support. I know it makes a differance where you live for coverage, I am in Oklahoma. Thanks for the help....

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    10-27-08 04:23 PM
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    Both carriers are great. Only you can answer which device better fits your needs. As for me, GSM All the way.
    10-27-08 04:27 PM
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    Personal opinions on this will vary. My own, I am a loyal Verizon customer. Support, coverage, everything when I've dealt with them have always been amazing. I tried AT&T/Cingular. In my area, it was horrible service, horrible coverage, even had me on the phone with Corporate when I wanted them to cancel the service (did it within the 30 days). That I thought was completely ridiculous. The rep asked me why I want to cut it off. I said the service stinks in my area. She said, "I'm showing that we just put up 8 new towers in your location." I said, "hmmm, that's funny. Your service stinks if I'm inside OR outside my house, even standing in a huge parking lot of Lowes! Cancel the darn service!"

    My wife, who is in Basic Training right now, has her laptop with a VZW AireCard in it and another girl has her AT&T AireCard. My wife can go anywhere in the building and never loses service, the other girl cannot move away from the window and even had to tape her antenna extension up on the wall to maintain a connection and that is in San Antonio, Texas which is a 'large city'.
    10-27-08 04:31 PM
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    Basically, service is going to be area specific. This is why some people can say AT&T has been excellent for them when others will say Sprint has been good. All you can do is ask people you know in your area.

    Side note: If yu wish to use a GPS app such as Garmin Navigator, Verizon will block this as they want you to use their own service. AT&T doesn't block other GPS apps.
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    10-27-08 06:59 PM
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    That's a really tough question to answer. I've been a customer of AT&T since right after they bought out Cellular One here in Orlando. I originally got them because they were the only carrier that worked all the way out where my Mom lives, but I've stayed with them because no matter where I go, I have service (except when I'm in the control room at work, but that's to be expected.) I do very little traveling, but on those rare occasions that I do, they've never let me down. The Verizon coverage around this area isn't the greatest though. I have a friend with Verizon and she has all kinds of issues inside her house. I get perfect service there. Now I'm not saying that Verizon is a bad provider, but AT&T's coverage is better here. And I've never had a problem with AT&T customer service.

    The one plus that AT&T does have, and it's been said above, is that they don't lock down the GPS in their phones like Verizon does. I have Google Maps (and I had BB maps until I upgraded to 4.5) and both worked flawlessly. And I'm not paying for AT&T navigator. It's not really an issue for me, that's what I have TomTom for. But for some people it is.

    You might also want to look at service discounts too. AT&T gives me a discount on my service because of where I work. Verizon doesn't offer one. It's only like 15%, but it's better than nothing. It comes out to almost 2 free months per year.

    And don't forget too, that if you do decide to switch and wind up not liking it, AT&T gives you 30 days to cancel with no penalty. So you can always switch back to Verizon if the AT&T service is that bad. I don't know if you'd be able to keep the same number through all the switches, but I'm sure somebody here could chime in with that answer.

    Whichever way you decide to go, I wish you luck. It's not an easy decision.

    Edit: I'm sorry, I totally misread that. I thought you were with VZW contemplating switching to AT&T. I'm not sure if VZW has the same 30 day return period. Might be something to check out before you think about switching.
    10-27-08 09:29 PM
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    Between my wife and I we have both VZW and ATT. Her ATT drops calls left and right. She absolutely hates it. Unfortunately she has to use them becuase that's who her work provider is. Both of our personal cells are with VZW and we also have an air card with them. Never had a problem with VZW. There have also been a number of times where she doesn't get service on her ATT and does with VZW.
    10-27-08 11:48 PM