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    I have an LG Chocolate on my family plan that needed an insurance replacement. The replacements came and have brought on more problems! Speakers broken, charger port broken, etc...fortunately the rep was nice and instead of mailing another refurb device, shipped a brand new lg chocolate touch!

    It is in the mail now, but I just realized...will Verizon force me to sign up for a data plan on this phone when I activate it? I definitely don't want data on that line...but I don't feel like taking the risk on another refurb of the older device. Since it is an insurance replacement and not an upgrade, should I be okay?

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    09-01-10 01:07 PM
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    You will not need to add data on an insurance replacement. But you may have to call to activate it so the rep can manually remove the data plan. Do not let them add it, it is not needed.
    09-01-10 01:13 PM
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    Thank you! Got nervous there...getting to talk to an Asurion rep takes forever but they really are helpful. Do you work for VZW?

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    09-01-10 01:26 PM
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    Follow supermario28's advice on calling in. I had a customer come in to my store with her son's env3 that was replaced via Asurion, and when I pulled up their account, the data package was added on EVEN THOUGH it was a replacement. It was easily removed of course, but nevertheless, make sure that your bases are covered, because you could see a 9.99 addon that "magically" appeared on your bill.
    09-01-10 04:12 PM
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    I've been reading up on Asurion ever since my Tour went for a swim yesterday. I have a few observations. If the phone you need replacing has no upgrade presently being offered by Verizon.. ie. Tour -> Bold it could be a rough ride. As soon as I started the process it said it had no more Tours and "they weren't being manufactured anymore" so it offered me the Bold. Knowing that the Bold came out so recently I was pretty much assured of getting a new one. Sure enough around 2pm today my brand new Bold was delivered. Had a little hiccup getting it activated because I changed my plan and it was kicking in this month. The automated system transferred me to a Verizon rep who was outstanding. He made the equipment change and waited on the line to make sure my new Bold activated right. Even had me go to Google to make sure the data was working.
    09-01-10 06:19 PM
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    Thanks for the help all...one more question - how many times can you switch VZW MEIDs?

    I am shipping this phone to someone at college and want to register this to make sure it works, register the old defective one (can still text so it's somewhat useful), then re-register the new one once it's shipped. I've heard there's some kind of cap or should we try going without phone service on the line for 2 days?
    09-01-10 08:26 PM
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    As many times as you want it seems.
    09-01-10 09:27 PM