View Poll Results: Is purchasing Asurion Insurance a prudent decision or a waste of money?

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  • Prudent Decision. Not worth the hassle of replacing things on my own.

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  • Rip-Off: I would never (or will never again) purchase this coverage.

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01-06-11 01:03 PM
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  1. bry360's Avatar
    When I had my S1 I accidentally got it wet when I was fishing in the lake and it was in my pocket (I wanted some music to listen to lol) and luckily I had isurance and only had to pay $50 for a new one. Although insurance companies are in the business to making money, if nothing happens to your phone, there goes that money wasted. It would be better to keep that money in a savings account you wouldnt touch in case something happens. If nothing happens, then theres money for something better :P
    11-15-10 09:52 AM
  2. jcblckbry's Avatar
    if you own a 500 dollar phone, iits stupid not to have insurance on it. I have insurance and I have had to use the insurance a few times already in the last couple years.... It would have cost me 1,500.00 bucks without insurance to replace 3 phones, vs 180.00 bucks that I paid for a deductable for the phones...

    Insurance on Blackberrys is a no brainer, you got to have it
    I've been with verizon for 12 years.....I pay 5 bucks a month for insurance and a $50 dollar premium...its stupid not having insurance on a 600 dollar phone....I have 2 strm 2's and a droid x being covered by insurance. So what I'm suppose to pay full price because I had to pay extra on a monthly payment....what about car insurance...what don't get it because you pay monthly for something you don't use is a good thing! Its stupid to have expensive things without it!

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    11-20-10 02:51 AM
  3. Eclipse2K's Avatar
    I've been with verizon for 12 years.....I pay 5 bucks a month for insurance and a $50 dollar premium...its stupid not having insurance on a 600 dollar phone....I have 2 strm 2's and a droid x being covered by insurance. So what I'm suppose to pay full price because I had to pay extra on a monthly payment....what about car insurance...what don't get it because you pay monthly for something you don't use is a good thing! Its stupid to have expensive things without it!

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    Your comparison of the two couldn't be any further from ideal. My Honda Civic is worth far more than my Droid 2. Besides, unlike cell phone insurance, it's required by law to carry auto insurance. You need to be financially able to cover the damages done to the others car and not just yours. I don't pay for cell phone insurance because it's like throwing money away. If I break my phone, shame on me. I'm 22 now and have had a cell phone since I was 16 years old and have yet to drop one of them.

    For the record, I don't buy insurance or extended warranties on anything. I opted out of an extended warranty on my phone, car, LED TV, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, etc. The only thing I have under a warranty is my laptop which is from a while ago and I would never do that again. Keep in mind that this is my decision and based off of my needs and life. My sister has insurance on her Droid 2 because she has a 2 year old child and she likes to get into stuff. I'm just not one of those people who like to take part in the insurance scheme.
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    11-20-10 07:02 PM
  4. johntkong's Avatar
    I see no need for insurance as I take excellent care of my devices. I got Assurion when I got my Droid X but the insurance somehow stayed when I switched back to a BB. I didn't think much of it but I finally decided to save my $6/month and cancelled it. Now my Storm is living on the edge!
    11-30-10 03:11 PM
  5. iPaladin27's Avatar
    It's based on risk and the fact that you can't predict the future. Yes, when you look at it over 24 months (if you havent had to file a claim) you realize it was a ripoff. Just like when I do not have a car accident for five years, why is my insurance still so high? I don't get that money back. However, you fail to take into consideration that most phone problems happen when customers are not eligible for any other device replacement option. If you're eligible for an upgrade, and don't mind signing an agreement, then the insurance doesn't make sense.

    If you can't shell out $300 for a S2 on ebay at the drop of a hat, the insurance makes sense.
    Buying a smartphone without insurance is one of the dumbest things you can do, period.

    The cost is sky high to replace at full retail. Buying a phone from e-bay, craigslist or what have you is an exercise in risk itself as you can't verify what shape the phone will be in when you get it, whereas a like new device has to pass a battery of tests to be sent out. The horror stories you hear from Asurion are really a minority of their business, but of course you hear them more because everyone loves a good drama.

    9/10 times a carrier won't even bother doing more than basic troubleshooting on "that phone you got from the internet" so if that one breaks down, you're SOL for the $300 you just spent instead of the $80 you spent to get an Asurion replacement. That $6 you're paying a month is the cost of doing business. If you can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a whim to replace your phone, don't worry about it. If you wanna make the smart economical choice, don't cry about it.
    12-30-10 09:55 AM
  6. DGillcreseJr's Avatar
    I understand your opinion on insurance however as long as you don't get the phone wet asurion is pretty good with changing out phones.

    I broke my first storm2 and the replacement was defective and I ended up getting a brand new one.

    True enough this is storm2 number 3 but when you go to craigs list or eBay people ask for out of thw question prices for a phone that they provide with no warranty and who knows what they did to it.

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    12-31-10 07:35 PM
  7. debsbb's Avatar
    Having insurance is like throwing money to the wind UNTIL I need it and then I'm *very* happy & grateful I have it. I'd be curious if you insure your house or your car or do you consider that a rip-off as well? Do I like paying money for something I may or may not ever use? No, but paying for the insurance can save me some big bucks in the long run. To me having insurance is the lesser of two evils. I also buy car warrantees because I know how expensive it can be to fix and if it breaks, in my life it's always going to break when I can least afford it.

    I think you need to leave your girlfriend's beliefs alone. She's your girlfriend not your property and therefore her mind is her own. If she feels better having her phone insured then that is her feeling and feelings are not right or wrong they just *are.* She has a right to believe as she does and a right to not be forced to change those feelings and the same goes for you. You can be boyfriend and girlfriend w/o changing your own beliefs. You can do as you like w/your phone and she can do as she likes.

    To my knowledge you can still buy the insurance or she can. You gave her a gift and you can either add to your gift to include the insurance or she can buy it on her own and neither way is right or wrong. If you feel the phone is your gift and she wants to add on to it with insurance that is her choice just like it would be with any other gift. This doesn't need to be any major debate, find the solution that works and just do it. Don't let something like this get between you.
    01-01-11 02:15 AM
  8. Duvi's Avatar
    i always get it.

    i rather pay the deduct and msc then paying $600 at once.

    even if i never use the insurance, the piece of mind that i can replace it is all that matters to me.
    01-01-11 02:39 AM
  9. powderbanks's Avatar
    i was very satisfied with them. i cracked the screen on my tour at work. got home that night (around 11pm) and filed my claim. they told me the tour was no longer being sold, so they're sending me a bold instead. win! it was at my doorstep the next day when i got home from my lunch shift (4pm).
    01-01-11 10:40 AM
  10. pr1nce's Avatar
    I always have on my phones for the first year.
    01-06-11 12:05 AM
  11. 7scarabs's Avatar
    I'll agree with Deb on this is always a "waste," until and unless you really NEED it. Then you're really glad to have it! I also agree with others who avoid those "extended warranty/repair/replacement" deals on EVERY darn thing...we all need to evaluate whether or not it's really worthwhile, in view of our own situations.

    For me, it didn't make sense to spend $450 per year on the "extra insurance" for a notebook computer that cost $1,000...that's almost half the cost of a replacement. And, when I bought an inexpensive "land line" phone for the house for about $25, it made no sense at all to buy the offered repair/insurance plan for $5 per month! Heck, if the thing stops working, it's not that tough to spend $25 bucks for a new one.

    But spending a few dollars per month for the Asurion plan has been worthwhile to me. I've had a few phones over the years that needed replacing... one of mine was either lost or stolen, my daughter's got damaged by her puppy, and we've had a few that just stopped working. It's easier to take the hit for a few bucks a month, even if we haven't made a claim every year, than to face the choice of either dropping a few HUNDRED dollars retail for a replacement, or, if funds are low at the time of the emergency, downgrading to whatever plain ol' generic phone might be on sale that month for $30, just to have a working phone again.

    There isn't one "right" choice for everyone. We all need to figure out what makes sense in terms of our own needs and finances.
    01-06-11 12:59 AM
  12. i_hiker's Avatar
    To call the insurance a "waste" just isn't correct at all. If you were paying the premium, had a problem with your device, and then the insurance provider denied your claim, that would be a waste. With insurance, your are paying for protection. Asurion seems to be a reputable company, having taken care of me the one time I had to file a claim.

    It is up to the individual whether or not they want to insure their device. This has nothing to do with a "waste."

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    01-06-11 09:46 AM
  13. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    For years I never had insurance on any of my phones. When I upgraded in Dec. from my Curve to my Bold on a BOGO, I put the total equip coerage on my sons Bold, and I'm still within my 30 days to call for mine. I will be adding it on for mine as well. I don't know if the older I get the more I worry or what lol, but I want that piece of mind with the insurance. If something were to happen, I have my Curve to fall back on, but at the same token, I won't be shelling out 500+dollars to replace my sons, paying an $89 ded IF I need to is a hella of a lot better!

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    01-06-11 01:03 PM
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